Shaw Maximus

Shaw Maximus
Shaw Maximus porcelain tile lives up to its Latin name as the greatest in marble-look flooring. Inspired by marble textures favored by the denizens of ancient Rome, these timeless and majestic the collection are easy to envision in stately halls. At the same time, the collection looks equally at home adding a touch of refinement to kitchens or commercial properties. The pure marble appearance supplies rarefied grace and elegance to even the most mundane areas.

Choose from two unique marble characters: Maximus Calacatta and Carrara. The brighter of these two marble tiles is the Calacatta with its jagged, energetic veins of beige set into the purest white background. There is a raw energy to the natural stone appearance of each Calacatta tile. Maximus Carrara, meanwhile, is white with the slightest tinge of grey. The Carrara tiles are the more regal of the two options with delicate streaks of fine silvery silt. The movement of the marble veining in this tile make it the perfect candidate for creating a look that is both polished and luxurious. Shaw Maximus porcelain tile is available in square 12”x 12” and 18”x18” tiles as well as rectangular 12”x24”and 3”x6” tiles. The collection’s marbled texture has a smooth finish and boasts both slip and frost resistance. Bullnose trim in complementary colors is available as accessory at no additional shipping cost.

Recommended for both indoor floors and exteriors, this resilient and magnificent tiles offer the classical style of the ancients at the right price.
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