Shaw High Plains

Shaw High Plains
The Shaw High Plains hardwood flooring collection has an extraordinary line of colors and shades to complement spaces. From lighter blonde to deeper charcoal tones, and everything in between, this series wont disappoint. Not to mention that each color is available in two different cuts (5, and 6 and 3/8), giving the buyer even more control and variety for their flooring project. Cant go wrong, is one phrase that comes to mind when describing these planks. From the amazing and rare assortment of colors and cuts, to the simple installation processes the Shaw High Plains collection should be at the top of your list!


These planks will give you the ultimate durability, which makes for long-lasting, high quality floors that can be enjoyed for years to come. The dimensions are 3/8 inches thick, 5 inches wide, paired with random plank lengths.

Colors and Styles

The Shaw High Plains collection offers a stunning color palette with five unique shades. The lightest color option is the Sumac color, which emphasizes honey and creamy tones. These planks will make your space look airy and fresh. Another gorgeous color, but much more chocolate colored, is the Hide option. Like we mentioned, these planks have a darker brown coloring, mixed with black detailing within the natural knots and grains.

Another stunning choice from the Shaw High Plains collection is the Nomadic shade. These planks are an excellent choice for someone looking to purchase hardwood floors, but still want their design to look contemporary. The Nomadic planks have an intense blend of chestnuts and browns throughout.

If you want something that really emphasizes and exaggerates the woods authentic grains and knots, check out the Jute color. These planks look effortlessly natural, and delicately ordinary. With a beautiful combination of hazel and copper tones, this floor is perfect for the minimalist that appreciates the simple things in life.

Installation Methods

The buyer truly gets the control when it comes to the Shaw High Plains collection, especially when deciding the installation method. These stunning planks can be installed four different ways, including staple, glue, nail, or float. (Pro-tip: float is painless and quick!)


When you shop with Quality Flooring 4 Less, you receive the best possible warranty from the manufacturer. In this case, the Shaw High Plains collection comes equipped with a lifetime (yes, you read that right) residential warranty.

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