Floorte Titan/Titan Platinum HD

Floorte Titan/Titan Platinum HD

The Floorte Titan HD Plus is a premier waterproof ten-color vinyl floor collection that mimics real wood so well that you could mistake it for the real deal. Why should you choose the Titan HD Plus? Not only is the product waterproof against any and all spills, but also its length stretches to 72in, with a width of just nearly 9 inches which gives ideals for open concepts to apply in your home, business, or any room of your choosing.

The Specs

What is most important about the Titan HD Plus is its resilience against spills and carries a reputation for being waterproof. The Titan Plus HD features an Armourbead wear layer for enhanced performance, as well as to reduce noise through a Soft Silence acoustical pad with added comfort.
30 Mil Wear Layer- In terms of durability, this series has a 30 mil wear layer. Almost all LVT only have either a 20 mil or 12 mil. What does a 30 mil mean? This is how thick the wear layer is above the vinyl film assuring that no scuffs or scratches permanently damage your floor. The thicker the mil the more resilient the floor.
Last but still just as importantly, the Titan HD Plus promises of a warranty that covers any defects from the manufacturer, delaminating, loss of original pattern or colors because of fade or wear.

The Colors

Imperial Beech whispers of its presence through its tans, browns, and grays which are soft enough that you might walk by them, if not for occasional black or dark brown markings ingrained in the boards. Like the real beech tree, Imperial Beech does not want you to forget the resonating impression it provides once you have seen it.

Ancestry Beech is a darker shade than the Imperial Beech but yet is an evolutionary span of multiple colors in its wood. The Ancestry Beech commands you to take a closer look and imagine how it will help you bring out your atmosphere with a richer experience.

Timeless Barnboard darkens any shadows with its bold black fullness. It casts shadows of its own of lighter browns and creates a fascinating blend of shades that the sun creates from passing years. Faint black circle markings etched into the wood serve as reminders of favorite memories, either long or recent past.

Autumn Barnboard has that same country look that Timeless Barnboard possesses, except with even more natural of an outdoorsy fall overtone. Its colors intertwine like trees during the autumn season with its golden to warm brown to darker brown, stirring awe in you with its diversity.

Guardian Oak remains as silent as it sounds and while a strong sturdy presence in the forest, it promises to keep your secrets. Soft and unassuming, its straightforward black tone with faint white markings whispers of its protection against intrusion.

Antique Barnwood transports you back in time with its distinguishable markings that keep you guessing what stories that it might have to tell. It resembles a historical timeline from the faded grey markings and shades in different planks and the darker and blacker planks bring the look full circle.

Modern Oak, in contrast to Antique Barnwood, has a more refreshed look with its overall white tone, mixed with light greys and a few darker greys occasionally showing up. Modern Oak offers a clean and peaceful look like the modern fashion style that it pairs well with in the neutral colors.

Arcadia Barnwood, meanwhile, is a harmonious blend of blacks, whites, and greys that varies in every plank but together maintains a balance of light and shadow. It has its own unique beauty from the classical impression it claims. The subtle markings in the planks keep you guessing of their pattern which in turn, gives it an authentic feel of the wood it resembles.

Pandora Oak immediately captivates you with its mysterious dark overtone, with only hints of light integrated throughout each plank. The mystery speaks to you and teases you as it transfers naturally from one plank to another, making you question the fun you could get into in matching it with your area.

Plato Oak is solemn as it drifts from greys to blacks, with faint white markings that balance the philosophy in the other two colors. It still keeps that ancient country feel with the humility that rises from the floors.

Classy and Colorful

While the Titan HD Plus carries a mostly classical expression, how it integrates colors into each of its planks will give your space a whole new look. You can put in any of the floors near wide windows, a huge living room or kitchen, or as part of your professional look in your office.

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