Floorte Titan Platinum HD

Floorte Titan Platinum HD
The Floorte Titan Platinum collection boasts luxury vinyl floors that resemble a natural hardwood aesthetic. Having the look of a hardwood floor in your home at a reduced cost with added benefits makes the Floorte Titan an excellent decision in your home. Planks are available in sizes of 9 by 72 which gives you added flexibility with extra wide flooring.

Floorte takes things to the next level with the Titan collection due to its completely waterproof vinyl. This means any spill or water on the floors can sit there without fear of any damage. This allows for variability of placing these floors throughout the home in areas they may normally not be able to, such as the bathroom and other high-traffic areas. This makes for a great collection for families with children and pets as these floors are built to withstand major challenges.

The Titan HD Plus also features an Armourbead wear layer designed for enhanced performance and reducing noise throughout the house. Now, you can have the peace of mind knowing you can walk around the house without unneeded noise because of a Soft Silence acoustical pad that provides extra comfort. The luxury vinyl features a 30 mil wear layer which provides the ultimate in durability in strength compared to the standard 20 mil or 12 mil layers other floors have. This also protects against scratches and stains creating the most resilient floor.

The collection features 11 beautiful colors. Each offers their own unique personality while providing the right look for your home. Floorte makes it possible to bring your vision to reality with each option theyve made available.

Platinum Arcadia Barnwood is a wonderful mixture of gray, white, and black woods that come together to form an amazing vinyl floor. Beautiful grains and knots accentuate this wonderful floor.

Platinum Autumn Barnboard has a warm golden and brown glow to it that will remind you of the calendar turning past summer later into the year. These floors are awe-inspiring due to their natural hardwood look.

Platinum Essential White is a cream colored selection that boasts some beige mixed with white. This floor is on the lighter side and offers some beautiful grain patterns along the way.

Heritage Hickory is also a lighter floor in the collection. Its similar to Essential White but doesnt contain as many grains and patterns for a smoother looking finish.

Platinum Imperial Beech is an amazing golden blonde floor with tremendous dark patterns that give it a weathered look. The Imperial Beech looks elegant and gives a strong taste of character to your home.

Modern Oak is a gray vinyl that has some white undertones to make for a lighter shade of flooring. This vinyl will fit homes going for a more contemporary touch to fit the times.

Platinum Pandora Oak is an aggressive vinyl with its dark brown colors with subtle light patterns that intertwine. This floor is right for your home if youre looking to make a bold statement.

Renewed Hickory is a bit darker than the Heritage Hickory. It has a lighter beige touch but with amber undertones that give it more color and character.

Serene Driftwood is a beige that with subtle grey undertones that isnt over the top. It has a wonderful sense of neutrality that wont overshadow other features in your home.

Timeless Barnboard ties together a blend of black, dark brown, and golden brown to make a wonderful mix of light and dark in platinum vinyl. The floor also has beautiful knots and grains throughout to give it the perfect hardwood look.

Platinum Vintage Leather takes you to a world of elegance and a deeply rich and profound sense of wonder with its beautifully dark woods and swirling patterns straight out of a mansion. This floor is grandeur personified.

The Floorte Titan Platinum collection aims to give you peace of mind with its limited lifetime residential warranty. This ensures that your floors are built to last while also offering a limited 20-year commercial warranty.
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