Shaw Cornerstone

Shaw Cornerstone

Shaw Cornerstone hardwood flooring is the pinnacle of all modern, contemporary hardwood design selections on the market today. Created to display the trendiness and style of any room, as well as give the space a comforting presence, this series is a fantastic option when considering a new floor. It comes in a handful of gorgeous shades that each say something individually alluring, as well as particular texture that enhances the appearance of the floor itself. This enables you to choose the exact match when it comes to coloring options. Similarly, it comes in a size that increases the ability to customize your area, making this style as versatile as it is visually aesthetic. With complete control over your styling, you can install a floor you will love for years to come. When it comes to installation methods, there are various options to choose from. Each presented to allow you the ease and convenience needed while undergoing the install process. Engineered with technology that increases durability and toughness, this series will outlast other hardwood floors in terms of wear and tear. Allowing you some breathing room when it comes to moving appliances and accumulating heavy foot traffic. This selection is brilliant with both contemporary visuals and overall practicality, giving you the premium hardwood option to consider when installing your new floor.


Shaw Cornerstone is made with White Oak wood for a beautiful, modernized appearance that will add to any atmosphere. It comes in four shades that are each distinct and admirable in differing ways. This provides this selection with a type of uniqueness that is not seen very often in hardwood options. Another feature that gives this series an edge over others is the wire brush texturing it displays on every piece. This gives the strong contemporary appeal a little more of a worn appearance. This is fantastic for customization. Also, the sizing of each plank inspires many different design options. They are five inches in width and nine millimeters in thickness, perfect for filling any area adequately. In addition to these incredible features, each plank is crafted with EnviroCore technology. This means each piece of your floor is made to be denser, harder, and tougher than any other hardwood flooring choices. It will stand up against heavy foot traffic and resist damage much better. This series also gives you options in terms of the installation process. It can be installed using the nail, glue down, staple, and float techniques. The location of install can be anywhere in you home: above, on, or below. Thus allowing your elegant hardwood to appear anywhere. In terms of specifications, this collection is among the highest in beauty, simplicity, and style.


Shaw Cornerstone has individualized shades that can fit the taste of anyone who needs their space to have a specific atmosphere.
  • Marble is the lightest shade of the bunch and reflects a space that seeks clarity and vision. It is ideal for a room that needs a serene environment. Its soothing demeanor creates a space that is perfect for recuperating after a long day. If you seek peace in your room, this is the tone you will want to go with.

  • Slate is a color with contemporary, slick, trendy vibes. It speaks to a nature that is confident, calculated, and charismatic. This is a color that displays competence and would be perfect for any business venture or home office. Its stone coloring also gives an aura of fortification.

  • Sandstone is the perfect mix of white and dark brown. Its muted chocolate bar tone is comfortable and visually pleasing. It is great for a speaking in simplistic and rustic terms.

  • Granite is the darkest shade of the colors in this series and it shows. Being strong in nature and appeal, it is no wonder why this coloring is so highly sought after. Its tone matches that of dark wood or granite itself, justifying its name excellently.


Shaw Cornerstone comes with a limited 50 year residential warranty.

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