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Shaw Argonne Forest Oak hardwood gives the look of European oil-finished flooring in a versatile engineered construction that will fit practically any installation method, including nail, glue, staples, or even floating, the latter being an excellent option for basement installations or construction over radiant heating systems in the subfloor. Composed of white oak with linear graining, each 7.5" plank is milled with a micro bevel. Combining the vintage finish and naturally beautiful knots and scrapes with the in-style wide plank sizes, Shaw Argonne Forest Oak gives you the best of both modern and traditional interior design.

Seven colors complete this flooring collection derived from the oak species, ranging from light to dark tones with high shade variations between planks for maximum visual contrast. Argonne Forest Oak's UV aluminum oxide finish protects these color options from excessive fading from sunlight, allowing you to enjoy these authentic hardwood planks for decades to come. The Tapestry shade is an excellent choice for both modern and temporary décor, with its light hues ideal for drawing in natural light in open floor plans with high ceilings, skylights, and large panoramic windows. In contrast, Armory is a muted greyish brown, good for both rustic and traditional interior design sensibilities. Drawbridge is very similar to Armory in tone, only with a darker, richer color body great for living rooms to create a sense of homey relaxation. While Tower embodies similar hues to Tapestry, the finish appears to be more matted to emphasize its rustic undertones. The deep browns of Arrow make good pairings with traditional motifs. Trestle is one of our favorites, as this option's intertwined reddish browns match well with mahogany furnishings and grand leather couches.

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