Schluter Rondec

Schluter Rondec

Item: schluter-rondec-tile-edging-profile
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Schluter-RONDEC is a finishing and edge-protection profile designed to give the corner edges of tile a more finished look while also providing added protection from chipping and cracking.

8' 2 1/2" profile length
Made for all tile sizes from 6 mm - 12.5 mm (1/4" - 1/2") thick
Available in over 30+ colors including brushed, satin, polished and matte finishes
Durable aluminum construction

Use Rondec For
Finishng and protecting the edges and outside corners of tiled surfaces
Visually forms a rounded corner along were the tile edges join together

Complete PDF instruction in Manufacturer Detail section below

Wall Profile Design Choices
Schluter makes several different profiles based on design preference. Explore the look of each series
Rondec- Rounded corner finish
Quadec- Square corner finish
Finec- Minimalist edge for a modern look
Diadec- Unique 45 degree angel finish
Jolly- Economic option with a finished edge

A full line of accessories compliments the rounded corners of Schluter-RONDEC, providing a complete, cohesive tile protection package.

The trademark of Schluter-Systems is the exclusive property right of Schluter Systems L.P. and any commercial use is restricted except as permitted by law.


Coverage: 1 Piece
Length: 98 1/2"
Construction: Metal Trim/Profiles
Manufacturer Guidelines: $100 minimum order of any combination of Schluter products

Warranty / Installation

All Schluter products come with a full manufacturer warranty.
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