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Republic Floor Malta Islands

Republic Floor Malta Islands

Republic Floors is a New player in the market but has total pride in what they do! Republic is leading the waterproof flooring revolution with its ground-breaking waterproof engineered flooring products. As a company, Republic Floor is setting new standards for health and safety, and have raised the bar on quality and environmental sustainability.

Republic Floor brings you closer to nature with their stunning Malta Islands collection of laminate floors, embossed with a real wood grain texture to bring the joy of nature into every room. They viewed the wood in the world’s forests to create six realistic designs, without cutting down a single tree!

Their laminate floors are made from the highest quality H.D.F core (High Density Fiber Board) utilizing a lower than standard swelling rate. They then go on to protect this core with a super-durable, high quality balancing paper sealed completely with a third layer of high quality hot wax. Their advanced Triple Moisture Protection technology and uncompromising manufacturing standards make Republic’s laminate floors more robust and water resistant than any other laminate floor in the world and practically impervious to water spills for up to 10 hours.

Size and Design With Board Lengths of 48"inches and width of 7 1/2” and a thickness of 12 mm This laminated, floating floor gives of its best in 8 stunning finishes and colors The colors are all in rich natural tones with highlighting the beautiful grain patterns and shades: Amazon Gold Shows a freshly cut golden oak, rich and delicious and ready to use to add a glow in any room . Ash Grey Offers almost sterling silver mid grey toned ash precise and clean like a pencil sketch, absolute perfection with lighter and darker graphite grains. Coastal Ivory Gives a like field of natural honeyed tan, natural and unstained so simple and refreshing Colorado Gold Is that field of dreams with a soft warm strawberry blond touched with a rose blush and detailed in warm auburn brown Cooper Dune Gives contracting planking alternating lighter and darker greys and a mixed plank making a statement but in a tone on tone way, enough to make a striking statement without being loud. Dakota Beige Provides a delightful but delicate natural tones with beige, and honey and golden beige. London Auburn Shows an almost industrial steel tone but as a wood finish varying from light to mid tone all soft polished so without being hard. Opal Cream This offers shades of Baileys with a creamy natural wood color emphasized with darker tan accents and an added touch of warmth ready to delight any pallet. The Future of Waterproof Flooring. Republic Floor is leading the way in the field of engineered vinyl flooring. The are determined to keep on pushing boundaries on manufacturing process, aiming to create the most advanced, resilient and attractive waterproof flooring materials for tomorrow’s homes and offices. While other manufacturers may adopt similar techniques to try to emulate their products, they simply do not want to compromise! They offer quality flooring products at competitive prices and their waterproof vinyl and laminate flooring products carry a limited 25 year warranty for residential environments and a 10 year warranty for commercial environments. No other flooring looks as good or lasts as long! Republic Floor : Manufactured in Europe Warranty: Republic offers a 100% Factory Warranty Quality without Compromise Republic Floor’s special combination of advanced floor waterproofing technology, quality raw materials, and uncompromising manufacturing standards make Republic’s flooring collections more innovative and resilient than any engineered floor covering manufactured by anyone anywhere in the world. Visit us today to find out more about our advanced vinyl flooring products. Republic Floor manufactures the widest range of stylish and robust waterproof laminate and SPC flooring.

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