Republic Floor European Lite / Plus

Republic Floor European Lite / Plus
Consist of the Republic Floor European Plus and the European Lite Collections

Republic wanted to deliver the styling elements of classic Europe to your home through the look of venerable oaken floors, all evocative of the rich history and tradition and expressed through the wood-like accented grains, and featuring textured dents and cracks to provide the allure and mystery of the old-continents glory. These stunning effects are achieved using medium to heavy embossing on laminate that make the strip plank look virtually identical to the original wood floors but imbued with durability and affordability no wood can match

The Collection

Republic Floor is leading the waterproof flooring revolution with their ground-breaking waterproof engineered flooring products. As a company, Republic are setting new standards for health and safety, and have committed to raising the bar on quality and environmental sustainability. The Republic Floor European Collections features their proprietary Triple Moisture Protection technology and carries a limited 30 years residential warranty and a limited 5 years commercial warranty.

European Plus comes with 5 colors

Amsterdam Provides the Silver tones of the low country with light argent and deeper charcoal textures and grey tones of the Domes of St. Nicholas, cool greys and old stone from Holland in centuries past.

Copenhagen This color Is evocative of the medium tone wood from the land between the Malmo and Onesund weathered but still rich and vibrant, a vibrant pallet providing rich warmth of the auburn and cool tones of the browns in an old Vermeer while the soft transitions evoke the history of a rich and passionate life.

Milano This pallet offers the depth to the colors of shade, just like the city that was home to the Renaissance, with multiple tones of medium neutral grey browns and hints of rich cream for softness of texture with gentle vibrancy. Just like Milano the background will highlight all that happens in your home from the furniture, art and family.

Rome Tones of vibrant and golden brown brings emphasis the glory of Rome, showing the subtle glow of intensity of a Caravaggio.

Helsinki Offers Lights up with ones and textures evocative of the sea facing landscape of Finland with light brown beige and earthy greys with a pale yellow green and cream highlights.

The series features variable length planks for more variety and to add variation and appeal to your baronial hall.. Planks are available in 24 inches, 48 inches and 72 inches with a width of 7 ½" (190mm) and a plank thickness of 15/32 inches (12mm). Each plank has an Edge Profile of Four Side V Grove for added realism and they are finished with Matt Embossing on Laminate. Warranty: Lifetime Residential 15 Years commercial. Abrasion Resistance: AC-5 Class 33.

The European Lite Collection features single length planks of 47 -13/16 " (1215mm) with a plank thickness of 15/32" inches (12mm), each plank has an Edge Profile of Four Side V Grove for added realism and they are finished with Matt Embossing on Laminate Warranty: Limited 25 Years residential.

Abrasion Resistance: AC-3 Class 31 which lends itself to a very durable scratch resistant surface. Prior to their special finishes both collections are produced from the highest quality H.D.F core (High Density Fiber Board) utilizing a lower than standard swelling rate which are then protected with a super-durable, high quality balancing paper sealed completely with a third layer of high quality hot wax. Republic's advanced Triple Moisture Protection technology and uncompromising manufacturing standards make their laminate floors more robust and water resistant than any other laminate floor in the world and practically impervious to water spills for up to 10 hours. Republic Floor is a New player in the market but has total pride in what they do!

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