Raskin Floornation

Raskin Floornation
The Raskin Floornation collection offers stunning woodgrain and stone flooring options. Each plank offers realistic natural looking designs that compliment a space.

For extra resistance to daily wear and tear these planks come with a G88 Ceramic Coating System that offers superior stain resistance as well as ant-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Each plank comes with a 12 mil or 20 mil wear layer that helps to protect the flooring. These floors are available with or without Bevel. Sizes range from 7.08 x 47.24, 12" x 24", and 9.25 x 59.25 depending on the collection selected.

When it comes to maintenance for these floors, the floors can be easily cleaned. The floors are made to be stain resistant, making spills easy to clean up so your floors stay in the best shape for years to come. The Floornation collection is also easy to install.

The Raskin Floornation comes with a twenty-five Residential Limited warranty and a ten year Commercial Limited warranty.

The Collection

The Raskin Floornation collection comes in a variety of colors to choose from. The collection offers traditional and contemporary designs. There are eighteen woodgrain flooring options and four stone colorations.

The eighteen woodgrain flooring options come in a range of tones. From warm blonde tones to dark, bold option, this collection offers a little bit of everything. There are a number of lighter flooring options. Freedom Ashwood and Freedom Caramel are both light blonde flooring options. The floors are a mix of light blonde tones and slightly darker browns The floors both have a slightly ashy appearance to it that gives them a weathered and worn appearance. Pride Timber is a light blend of ashy blonde tones and warm mid-tone browns. The floor is a beautiful neutral flooring options= for a space. The slightly ages appearance of the wood brings warmth and character to a space. The lightest flooring option in this collection is Glory Casablanca. This floor is a blend of ashy white, mid-tone greys, and dark greys. The blend of the tones in this floor give it a contemporary feel.

For some mid-tone brown woodgrain flooring options there is Freedom Cinnamon and Glory Apple Wood. Freedom Cinnamon is a warm mid-tone brown floor that pairs well with a tradition space. Glory Apple Wood is a stunning blend of warm blondes and chestnut browns.

The collection offers a lot of darker flooring options. Glory Espresso is one of the darkest colors in this collection. The floor is rich and adds a bold touch to any space. Freedom Java is another dark flooring option in this collection. It is slightly lighter than Glory Espresso. The floor is a deep brown that almost has a black appearance to it. Freedom Natural Wood is a blend of mid-tone chestnut browns that give a floor a sophisticated appearance. Glory Canyon is a blend of chestnut browns and light ashy browns. The two tones contrast with each other to create a floor that has a sleek and contemporary appearance to it. Glory Valley has more of an overall grey tone to it and also gives a space a more contemporary feel.

If a space is in need of a more rustic and worn flooring option, there are still a variety of choices. Pride Creek, Pride Dusk, Pride Rosemary, and Pride Stream are all blends of ashy tones and worn colors. The combination gives this floors the charm of aged hardwood flooring.

Pride Plymouth is a blend of worn greys and mid-tone browns that comes together to create a floor that has a rustic yet contemporary feel to it.

The collection has a selection of stone flooring to choose from. Pride Tile Bliss, Pride Tile Melrose, and Pride Tile Rockingham are all grey stone tile flooring options. Pride Tile Bliss is the lightest grey flooring option in the collection. The stone tile is a blend of light greys and darker grey tones. Pride Tile Melrose is one of the darkest colors in the collection. A blend of moody greys and dark black tones, this tile is bold and dramatic.Pride Tile Rockingham is combines an almost white grey with mid-tone grey tones that add a cool tone to a space. Pride Tile Salem is a tile that has more of a brown tone to it. The floor is a blend of a range of tones. Greys, whites, and browns blend together to create a stone that is bold and unique and sure to make a statement in any space.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We are here to answer any questions you may have about this collection, other collections, or flooring in general.

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