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We review and research a company’s reputation so our customers can buy with confidence!

There are so many different reviews, opinions, and blogs about every product imaginable. Some come from reputable sites such as Consumer Reports, and others are personal opinions based on one’s individual experiences.
Every product that is for sale is from manufacturers that have a stellar reputation and a commitment to excellence with their products. Some of the best indicators of a company’s commitment to their product can be shown by:

Manufacturer’s Web site- Every major flooring manufacturer has a Web site worthy of their flooring. If there is no website to research the product, no indication that the manufacturer has a dedicated sales, marketing, and customer service team, chances are it’s a private label that may not have the quality you are looking for.

Sales representation nationwide
- Reputable manufacturers have company representatives in each territory that work hand in hand with distributors or are a point of reference for us retailers. Ask from where the product is distributed.

- Probably the most important item! Every manufacturer should offer and have available their warranty of the product. Some e-commerce companies import product from overseas and there is no warranty information or support if something is in question with your flooring.

Product Branding
- How well-known is the manufacturer? Most manufacturers’ flooring can be seen in consumer magazines such as Architectural Digest, Dwell, etc. If no one has heard of a brand or carries it, usually there is a reason.

If you are wondering about a particular type of flooring, or have questions about the company, please contact us at 510-698-5142 and we can provide answers so you can make the most informed decision.

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