Provenza New Wave

Provenza New Wave
Its time to take charge of your home with the Provenza New Wave vinyl flooring collection. Provenzas collection features 10 luxury laminate that gives your home the look of a natural hardwood flooring while providing more benefits at a reduced cost. It makes choosing this collection an absolute no-brainer when it comes to your vinyl needs.

Provenza also takes things to an entirely different level with its MaxCore technology. The MaxCore New Wave collection is 100% waterproof and boasts wider planks that stand out among its competitors. These 9 x 70 planks create for an even more natural hardwood flooring look and with the waterproof technology, can be placed anywhere in a home that water is prevalent and high-traffic challenges are created. A big part of the Provenza New Wave being waterproof is its 22 mil wear layer and 7mm thickness featuring an attached 1.5mm IXPE rubber pad to create a reinforced underlayment.

The Provenza New Wave collection also features an awe-inspiring, exclusive pattern repeat every 12 planks to optimize the best look for your home. Each plank has a painted bevel effect and has an aluminum oxide finish with ceramic bead technology.

10 different vinyl floors highlight the collection. Each has a flavorful twist designed to meet the aesthetic and vision you have for your home.

Bashful Beige is true to its name with a beautiful glow and a classic hardwood pattern that will stand out with Provenzas exclusive repeat 12 pattern.

Daring Doe is a darker, golden vinyl that is more neutral than Bashful Beige. This is a great floor for a tighter embrace and one that may not overshadow other features of the home.

Great Escape brings some cream to a beautiful beige. This color offers a unique blend that is certain to accentuate great qualities around the home.

Lunar Glow is like bringing the moon into your home. Well, to be more pragmatic, its a glowing floor that brings a much needed vibrant energy to any home lacking it.

Modern Mink brings a luxury mix of gray and brown to the fold. This neutral color can play off just about any look for your home.

Nest Egg provides a golden brown look. This vinyl is incredibly cozy looking and will tighten up any space looking for that down home feeling.

Night Owl is the darkest vinyl in the collection. It offers a dark brown that gives a rich look that will be amplified with Provenzas finish.

Visions of Secretariat running free at Belmont clash with Playful Pony. A beautiful blonde wood gives its own input into the Provenza New Wave collection.

Rare Earth is a light blonde vinyl with some cream color mixed in and shades of white. Under natural lighting this beautiful vinyl will be completely optimized.

Timber Wolf is a beautiful medium shade of brown. Some undertones of lighter shades finish off this tremendous vinyl.

The Provenza New Wave collection has you covered with its warranty. It features a limited lifetime residential warranty as well as a limited 15-year commercial warranty. With a strong warranty built to provide maximum protection along with its MaxCore flooring providing waterproof protection, this collection eliminates any anxiety you may have.
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