Philadelphia Personality

Philadelphia Personality
The Shaw Philadelphia Personality luxury vinyl is great option if you’re looking for the beauty of hardwood flooring but you’re worried about the care that will need to go into maintaining the hardwood, especially if you’re in a setting with heavy traffic, such as a commercial setting. Going with this option, you’ll get the majesty of hardwood without the actual hardwood fussing.

This collection comes in 13 stylish colors available to you to help achieve whatever look that suits your individual taste and project. There is the Shaw Philadelphia Personality Boardwalk hue, which is a soft, silvery color with gentle grey graining running parallel on the “wood” to give it a bit of character. Sidewalk may have you thinking of a grey color, but it is actually a soft tan with darker tinges and graining throughout to give the plank a soft color. Bright Lights holds true to its name as a rich, golden color with faint dark golden graining flowing delicately along the plank, inspired by a bright, beautiful, fresh wood look. Central Park is a sandy colored hue with close-knit grey graining to give the sand color a darker, greyer look. Art District keeps it simple with a light beige color and curvy, flowing graining in slightly darker hues. Bistro rocks in as a very light ashy color with brush stroked graining with darker hues. Ferry is another sandy colored brown with a grey graining overlay with occasional grey staining. Downtown takes on a unique look with charcoal and brown mixing together in a checked brush-stroke look, giving your flooring an extra flair of contemporary character. Metro is a handsome chocolate brown color with a reddish tint. This hue goes for more of a rustic look with dark reddish-brown staining, graining, and occasional small knotting on the plank. City Market is a caramel color with dark caramel stains and grey graining to give charm to this individual plank. Skyline is a handsome charcoal grey “wood” with staining and graining with occasional small knotting, creating another contemporary look. Bridgeway is similar to Downtown but brown in hue. This hue utilizes light and dark brown towns in a checkered brush stroke pattern to give the hue a unique touch. Finally, Café is the darker brown twin of Bridgeway, utilizing chocolate hues in checkered, brush stroke patterns.

The Shaw Philadelphia Personality luxury vinyl collection measures in at a uniform 6”x36” to give your flooring a true wood look with uniform sized planks. So you may not have actual hardwood with this vinyl selection, but this is the next best choice to give you the beauty of hardwood with extra durability.
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