Philadelphia Connection

Philadelphia Connection
The Shaw Philadelphia Connection luxury vinyl flooring is the next best thing to actual hardwood flooring. While hardwood flooring is an attractive, popular style of flooring, it�s not ideal in settings with high-traffic areas and hustle and bustle of life. That�s where this vinyl flooring collection comes in. This commercial vinyl can hold its own in rivalry to hardwood flooring, coming with all the beauty of hardwood but without the stress and fuss of maintaining hardwood.

This luxury vinyl collection is available in 12 color options that appeal to both contemporary and traditional settings. There is the Shaw Philadelphia Connection Relationship hue which is a beige wood color with small, intricate darker beige graining streaking the vinyl. Partnership takes on a muted brown look bordering with the color of taupe in appearance. There are dark shades graining the vinyl and the look of thin cracks throughout the vinyl. Togetherness takes on a lighter, golden hue as the base color with darker tan colors and beige colors graining the vinyl in close quarters, heavily influencing the overall color of the vinyl. Union in contrast is very bright beige color. So bright that the beige looks to have a tinge of pink to the edges of the color. This hue does not have graining very close to one another, nor is it as dark, so the graining isn�t the highlighting feature of the piece. Companionship is a brilliant shade of light grey with light wood stripping across the vinyl. It is great for achieving the contemporary look. Participation is a light reddish-brown hue with darker hues tinging the color here and there as well as lightly graining the piece. Acquaintance is the darkest shade of the whole collection as a heavily dark brown with an even darker graining system throughout, running very close together and giving the hue an almost black appearance. Kinship is a gorgeous chocolate color with dark chocolate flowing throughout the vinyl piece, giving it a gorgeous woody look. Friendship rivals Acquaintance in dark hue as charcoal graining dominates the dark brown color of the �wood�. Liasion is goes for a rustic look with a soft cocoa colors and darker tones and scrapping to achieve an antiqued look. Fellowship is an inviting, warm chestnut color with faint charcoal colored variations and smattering, giving the chestnut color a darker, greyish tint. Social is another wood-like color going for the rustic look. A caramel color, this hue features dark caramel light coloring and charcoal colored knotting here and there on the wood, giving the hue a more natural, rustic look.

The Shaw Philadelphia Connection luxury vinyl collection comes in the uniform size of 6�x36�, similarly to actual hardwood planks. With this size, it�ll be not only easy to show off the unique color you�ve selected but also easily achieve the hardwood look you want for your commercial setting without any worry.
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