Philadelphia Silva Valley 12/20 Mil

Philadelphia Silva Valley 12/20 Mil
The Philadelphia Commercial Silva Valley collection offers a stunning range of colors to choose from and comes with technology that keeps these floors durable. These floors will still look stunning for years to come, even with high day to day traffic.

The planks in this collection can be installed using the direct glue method. Planks come in a size of 6 x 48 inches with a 20 mil wear layer. Each plank come with an ExoGuard Finish that is an industry-leading scratch and stain resistance. With this finish marks and scuffs can be easily removed using Shaws very own surface cleaner. The advanced technology guarantees that these floors will be able to stand up to daily high traffic.

The Philadelphia Commercial Silva Valley collection is FloorScore certified. The FloorScore certification is the most recognized indoor air quality certification standard for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments. This floors are safe for the environment and for people.

The collection comes with a fifteen year Commercial Limited warranty.

The Collection

The Philadelphia Commercial Silva Valley collection is made up of a range of colors to choose from. From deep dark browns to warm, mid-tone browns and muted greys. With a variety of options to choose from there is sure to be a color that fits with any interior design space.

The collection offers a range of rich, brown flooring options to choose from. Ascendant Falls Creek is a contemporary blend of a variety of brown tones that come together to create a floor that is dynamic. Ascendant Pacific Crest is similar to Ascendant Falls Creek, however, it has a slightly warmer and lighter tone to it.

Ascendant Iron Mountain is the darkest color option in this collection. It is a deep, bold brown that makes a statement in any space. Ascendant Saguaro is a mid-tone brown flooring option that is the perfect neutral, bold backdrop to a space. For a slightly lighter, more mid-tone brown, there is Ascendant Sedona. With tones of light browns and slightly darker browns, Ascendant Grand Arches is a warm and inviting flooring option.

The collection offers three grey flooring options to choose from. Ascendant Salt Creek, Ascendant Yaquina Bay, and Ascendant Three Lakes are all stunning grey flooring options that can fit a range of interior design styles. Ascendant Salt Creek is the lightest of the grey flooring options. This color is a blend of light greys and light browns. Ascendant Yaquina Bay is a dark grey flooring option that adds a contemporary feel to a space. Ascendant Three Lakes is a light, soothing floor that has an overall calm feel to it.

In terms of light, ashy tones, this collection has three options. . Ascendant Lookout Pass, Ascendant White Sands, and Ascendant St. Helens are all light flooring options that are perfect for an open space.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Philadelphia commercial vinyl, click here.

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