Pergo Extreme Wider Longer

Pergo Extreme Wider Longer
The Pergo Extreme Wider Longer is a luxury rigid vinyl flooring collection that is full of luxurious colors that will give any space an open and inviting feeling. The collection comes with advanced engineering for deeper performance and visuals in the vinyl floors. The bold wider, longer format of these floors provides a space with a truly captivating look.

With Pergo Defense plus technology that comes with SpillProtect these floors are resistant to accidents, spills, and bacteria. Whether you have kids, pets, or both, these floors can handle it. With the Pergo advanced technology these floors are 100% dent proof, waterproof, as well as kid and pet proof. The floors have antimicrobial innovation that protect them against mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria. The Defense plus waterproof technology that these floors have not only makes them easier to clean but also keeps them clean longer. These floors come with scratch resistance that makes them pet-friendly and dent resistance that protects these floors further from any possible wear and tear.

The planks in the collection can be installed using the floating method. The Pergo collection comes with an innovative snap-together technology so installation is simple and easy.

The flooring in this collection is USA made. The collection comes with a Lifetime Residential warranty and a 10 year Medium Commercial warranty.

The Collection

The Pergo Extreme Wider Longer collection comes in a range of five different colors to choose from. The collection offers colors from deep browns to cool, contemporary greys.

Chocolate Turtle is a blend of deep browns, yellows, and warm chestnut browns. This floor has a warm and inviting feel to it and the dark tone gives it a slightly rustic appearance. Cinnnamon Brulee is a blend of light browns and ashy, light yellows that has an overall warm and inviting tone to it. Sesame is a blend of light browns and light, ashy greys. The blend has a slightly ashy and light tone to it.

Moon Sail and Soulful Grey are the two grey flooring options in this collection. Moon Sail is a light, soothing grey that is a blend of lighter shades of grey and mid-tone greys. This flooring option opens up a space and gives it a sophisticated feel. Soulful Grey is stunning mid-tone grey flooring option. This floor is perfect for adding a darker tone to a room while still having an overall open feel to it.

Want more information on the Pergo Extreme collection? We can answer any questions you may have and get your order going! Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To see more from Pergo Extreme, click here.

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