Patcraft Reston

Patcraft Reston
The Patcraft Reston collection showcases the beauty of wood visuals and natural wood tones combined with the durability and technology of vinyl flooring. The wood visuals range from smooth pecan to traditional oak with cathedral grains. The traditional oak has a ring that starts into the pattern and then returns back on themselves to create a point of growth ring.

Planks in this collection come in a size of 7” x 48”and are 5 mm thick. The thickness of the planks allows them to be installed next to carpet without having to put in a transitional piece. The planks also come with a 20 mil wear layer and an ExoGuard top coat. The wear layer helps to protect the planks further from everyday wear and tear. The ExoGuard finish helps keep dirt and debris from getting into the plank and also keeps them further protected against scratching, staining, and scuffing. With all these protectant barriers, these floors are guaranteed to last for many years to come. This makes the Patcraft Reston collection the perfect fit for residential, retail, corporate, hospitality, or healthcare spaces.

The collection comes with a fifteen year commercial limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects and wear. Patcraft warrants that during the warranty period there should be no wear due to normal foot traffic that wears through to the pattern layer of the product.

The Collection

The Reston collection is made up of twelve versatile and timeless colors. There are a variety of colors to choose from in this collection ranging from charcoal to natural wood tones. Whether your space is more of a contemporary or rustic design, there is something for every style in this collection.

The Patcraft Reston collection is full of options when it comes to a more contemporary and minimalistic space. For a light grey color there is Ecru. This flooring option pairs well with more neutral furniture. Gull is a mid-tone grey that gives a space a very contemporary look to it, especially when paired with black furniture. Fife is a blend of light and dark greys that come together to create a sophisticated yet rustic flooring option. Ashen is a darker grey among the collection. This is perfect for a space where you want to add more of a sophisticated feel. Noir is the darkest grey in the entire collection. This is a stunning flooring option that adds a bold look and come character to a space. Grey flooring can be stunning in a residential or commercial space.

If you are looking for warmer, more neutral tones, the Patcraft Reston collection offers a range of neutral flooring options. Jute is a light blonde flooring color that can pair well with a variety of interior design styles. Edam is a mid-tone brown flooring option that adds a slight rustic feeling to a space. Anise is a light, rustic floor that has a more weathered appearance to it. Ermine is a mid-tone brown flooring option that would pair well with contrasting colors. Carob is a unique blend of a variety of different shades of grey. Umber is a mid-tone See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Patcraft Reston vinyl, click here.

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