Nova Floor Maybree

Nova Floor Maybree

Nova Floor offers luxury vinyl flooring that is made with the highest quality environmental standards. With Nova Flooring you can be certain that you are getting vinyl flooring that is made with what is best for you and the environment in mind. The Maybree collection is stunning vinyl collection that has it all when it comes to styling, construction, and performance. These vinyl planks are made to stand the test of time with a rigid core, HDC floating planks, and a Novaclic locking system. The NovaShield PU Coating on top of planks allows for enhanced scratch, stain, scuff, abrasion, and fade resistance. These planks are extremely durable and can withstand the test of time. The middle vinyl layer of the planks also add an extra layer of stability and support. Worried about potential water damage? The rigid waterproof HDC protects against water damage while also resisting dents and subfloor imperfections. A foam underlayment is at the bottom of each plank as a sound barrier while also adding extra comfort. When it comes to installation the Clic locking system provides an easy, strong, and secure installation of the vinyl planks. When it comes to vinyl plank sizes, you have many options available. Planks in this collection come in sizes of 5″ x 59.75′”, 7.75″ x 59.75′”, 7.75″ x 71.75″ and are 6mm thick. Tiles in this collection come in a size of 15.75″ x 31.75″. Nova Flooring offers a limited lifetime residential warranty as well as a 10-year light commercial warranty.

The Collection

In the Maybree collection there are vinyl tile options. All of these options are marbled floors. The Lunar Marble Wells tile is a neutral tone tile option. A blend of light grey and whites, this is the perfect backdrop to any space no matter what your home décor style is. Lunar Marble Willa is a stunning bright whitish-grey color. For more unique tile options consider Lunar Marble Harlow and Lunar Marble Hutton. Harlow is a blend of dark greys, white, and browns beautifully thrown together. For a more sand-brown tone, Hutton is the way to go.

For some washed concrete tile options there is Axel and Gage. Both of these options are beautiful grey colors that are the perfect backdrop to any space. Grey is neutral and modern and easily blends with any home décor.

There are four different color options to choose from when it comes to planks that are 7.75″ x 71.75″ in size. Barrel Oak Henley is a light, dusty-brown floor that has a modern feel to it. It looks perfect for a minimalist space. Barrel Oak Knox is a warm medium-toned brown with hints of light brown throughout. It is sure to warm up a space. Perfect for those looking for a more woodsy feel when it comes to their vinyl floor. For grey vinyl flooring options there is Barrel Oak Hayes and Barrel Oak Presley. Barrel Oak Hayes is light grey vinyl while Presley is a dark grey option. Both floors have a modern, clean, and minimalistic feel to them.

For planks that are 5″ x 59.75′” there are a few different options to choose from. Castle Oak Dover and Castle Oak Dudley are two great options. Dudley is a blend of greys and dark browns. This beautiful flooring option is perfect for adding a modern, yet rustic feel to a space. Dover is a warm brown flooring option that has hints of dark brown knots throughout. For a stunning blend of browns, consider the Wormy Chestnut Melbourne. This flooring has the look of a modern day cabin. With a rustic look to it and the perfect blend of light and dark browns, this floor adds character to a space. The Wormy Chestnut Sydney is the darker brown vinyl flooring version of Melbourne.

For planks that are 7.75″ x 59.75′” there are four options to choose from. For vinyl flooring that is more subdued in looks there is Sessile Oak Bergen and Sessile Oak Dublin. Bergen is a dusty grey color. Dublin is a dusty light brown and white vinyl flooring color. Sessile Oak Naples is a dark and bold vinyl flooring option that has a blend of dark and light brown throughout. For those looking for a dramatic vinyl flooring option, consider the Sessile Oak Reine. This bold flooring option is a blend of black and light greys.

If anything in this collection seems as though it would fit your space, give us a call at 510-698-5142. For more Nova collections check out Lyndon and Serenbe.

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