Naturally Aged Medallion

The Medallion collection by Naturally Aged Flooring consists of engineered hardwood flooring made from oak, hickory, and walnut. This collection provides the highest quality of wood with a variety of color options available. Flooring comes in 9/16" by 7.5" lengths with 3mm thick oak or hickory planks. Floors also come in 9/16" by 3-5-7" random-width 3mm thick hickory planks. These floors are finished with UV-cured urethane with aluminum oxide. This gives flooring lifetime durability while making them easy to maintain. Wood floors can be installed in a variety of ways. In this collection for installation you can float, nail down, or glue hardwood flooring into place. If you're looking for a collection that will keep your home looking modern then this is the collection for you. With high quality engineered wood and designs that make a statement in any room, there's a lot to choose from in this collection.

The Collection

Arroyo is a light-medium toned hardwood floor that is perfect for opening up any space and giving it a more airy feel. The wood pairs well with light and neutral furniture. With knots and a textured appearance, this hardwood flooring has character to it.

Aspen Hills is a stunning warm brown flooring option. With wire-brushing distressing, these floors make a bold statement. These floors look natural and add an open, airy feel to any space.

Boney Mountain is made of oak that has been hand-scraped. It has a sun-bleached look to the wood that gives you the feel of outdoors. Add this flooring option to your space for a woodsy feel. This color option is meant capture the mood of the outdoors.

For a white washed oak look, the Bonneville flooring option is perfect. This flooring look gives any space a welcoming, lived-in feel to it. The wood has a light grey, almost white look to it. With the grain of the white oak and its velvet off-white tones, Bonneville is a floor that enhances the design of a space.

Cellar is a wire-brushed with band saw marks hardwood flooring option. This adds character to the floor and creates a lived-on look to it. With a blend of light and darker tones of browns, this wood adds warmth to a space.

For a floor with a lot of character that makes a statement all on its own, check out Coral. With distinct knots and a blend of deep dark browns with medium toned browns, this is a floor that fits well with a variety of different home décor styles.

Dakota gives a space an element of elegance to it. This is a hardwood floor with a variety of earthy tones to it. The dark wood adds a sense of warmth and character to a space. The wood is wire-brushed for a more rustic appearance and glossed with a low gloss UV cured finish.

Desert Shadows. This is a hardwood floor that is rich and elegant. This is the perfect flooring option for an office area or den in a home. Hickory wood is durable and can withstand day to day life. With wide floor planks, distressing, and a low gloss finish, this wood makes a statement in any space. For another hardwood flooring option that would fit a home office, consider Lost Canyon. The beautiful medium to dark toned brown hickory floor gives a space that same rich and elegant look.

For a medium-toned to light hardwood floor, Diablo Spring is the perfect choice. The wire brushed floors add character and give the floors a lived-on feel about them.

Donar Oak is a beautiful, medium-toned brown hardwood floor. The wire-brushed floors have a distinct texture to them and the knots in the wood give this floor character. Foggy Pines is another light white Oak flooring option. The perfect complement to neutral furniture, this flooring option is sure to brighten up any space. The wire-brushed affect on the wood adds a warmth to this flooring that makes a space feel more inviting.

For a smoky grey floor that can really elevate a space, consider the Grey Mist flooring option. This flooring option adds a tranquil feel to any space while at the same time elevating it. Every piece of wood is hand-scraped and wire-brushed, creating texture that is timelessly beautiful.

Gun Metal is another grey option that adds a modern look to any space. With light and dark shades of grey blended throughout the flooring, this is a grey that opens up a space. One of the main benefits of choosing Gun Metal is that this is a floor made of incredibly hard hickory wood. With wood that sits on top of a core made of eucalyptus, this flooring is durable and functional.

Hearst Castle is a flooring option made of white oak. This is a medium to dark toned wood floor that has been wire-brushed. Perfect for those look for a more traditional hardwood flooring option. Lighthouse is a light sand color with a drift wood appearance to it. This light hardwood floor is the perfect addition to any space you want to open up or create a more peaceful ambiance in.

Marsala is the perfect option for those who want a floor that is both unique and environmentally conscious. With planks that vary in width, this is a floor that uses a wood from a tree in the most efficient way possible. The range of dark browns blended together leads to a wood floor that has character to it.

Nutmeg is a light, modern hardwood floor. Perfect for those who want a hardwood floor to brighten up a space and add warmth to it without the floor becoming the sole focus of the space. The wood flooring is UV cured finished with a low gloss. Playa is another similar option to Nutmeg.

Riverbed is a hardwood flooring that is a beautiful blend of grey tones. The distressed look of the oak wood adds to the washed tone that is hardwood flooring option has. For a modern touch to any space, this is the perfect grey flooring option to choose.

Saint Moritz is a unique blend of grey tones. This is a bold flooring option that makes a statement. With hand-scraped wood that shows character, this is a hardwood flooring choice that is elegant and a neutral base color for any space.

Santa Barbara is a medium-tone brown walnut hardwood floor that complements a variety of different home décor styles. From a traditional home décor style to a more contemporary space, this is sure to complement your space. For a beige or "blonde" hardwood floor, the Santee is a beautiful floor choice. The lightness of the blonde floor brings an openness to any space. Knots and variations in color add to the character of this unique floor.

Silver Strand is another floor that is unique. With its blend of greys that have been wire-brushed and has band saw marks, this hardwood flooring choice gives any space a rustic, almost cabin feel to it.

Stony Brook is a stunning, traditional looking medium to dark brown flooring option. With wood that has been hand-scraped and wire-brushed, this flooring option is both rich and warm. With hues of rich caramel and honeyed wood, this floor complements a variety of home décor spaces.

Sunset Hills has a more modern feel to it. This light to medium tone brown wood is hand-scraped and wire-brushed. This floor is perfect for a contemporary floor plan that is made to make a space bright and open.

Trailhead is a unique and beautiful oak hardwood floor that has been wire-brushed. With a blend of medium toned browns and light greys blended together, this is a wood flooring option that is sure to make a statement in any space.

If you are looking for flooring options to complement your space, you can't go wrong with the quality and variety that the Medallion Collection from Naturally Aged Flooring offers. For a look at their other collections, check out the Wirebrushed Series.

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