Mohawk Urban Reserve

Mohawk Urban Reserve
The Mohawk Urban Reserve collection is made up of rich hardwood flooring options. With Birch, Oak, Maple, and Walnut to choose from, this is a collection that is full of diversity. Whether you are looking for hardwood floors that will match your traditional home decor or you're going for a bolder look, this collection offers something for everyone. The Urban Reserve collection is made up of engineered hardwood that is made to be resistant to humidity and can be installed on any level. Installation can be done using the staple, glue, and float method. Planks come in sizes of 5 inches in width and 1/2 inch thick.

The Collection

The Mohawk Urban Reserve collection is made up of a bold selection of different engineered hardwood flooring options. Chocolate Maple is a bold and rich dark brown flooring option. Made from Maple wood this flooring choice has undertones of rich cherry brown blended with dark brown. This is the perfect choice for adding a bold touch to any space. Perfect for home offices or home libraries. This flooring adds a serious and sophisticated feel to a space. Natural Walnut is a medium tone brown that has a variety of different shades of brown blended together. Lighter undertones blend with darker ones in order to create a flooring option that is rich and formal. Mocha Maple is a slightly darker version of Natural Walnut. A blend of dark browns mixed with light brown come together to create a floor that will add a warm and inviting touch to a space. Pair these floors with dark furniture for add a more formal feel to a space.

For some lighter brown flooring options to choose from there’s Light Amber Maple and Banister Birch. Light Amber Maple is a warm brown hardwood floor. With undertones of light brown that add a calm and light feeling to this floor, this is a brown hardwood floor that will open up a space. Banister Birch is a bold, medium-tone brown hardwood flooring option. The hints of light brown throughout blend together seamlessly with the medium-brown for a flooring option that can be paired with both traditional and modern home decor. Dark Auburn Maple is another medium brown flooring option. With auburn hints throughout the wood, these floors are sure to add a rich warmth to any space. Onyx Maple is another bold and rich hardwood flooring choice that is perfect for an at home office space or another formal area.

Looking for some grey flooring options? Steel Maple is a beautiful grey flooring option that has hints of light browns and dark greys throughout. This create a floor that is unique and brings some character to a space. This isn't a normal modern grey floor. The blend of colors creates a flooring option that can pair well with more modern and contemporary furniture as well as home décor. For a more modern grey hardwood flooring option consider Sandstone Oak.

For more hardwood flooring options from Mohawk, check out other collections here. If you have any questions or would like to order flooring today, give us a call at 510-698-5142!

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