Mohawk Seaside Tides

Mohawk Seaside Tides
Mohawk’s hardwood flooring is made with the highest quality wood available and designs that are timeless. Whether your design style is urban, rustic, contemporary, or vintage, there’s something for everyone. Hardwood is a timeless and elegant choice when it comes to flooring. It brings richness and warmth to a space that is hard to achieve with any other type of flooring.

What is impressive and sets this collection apart compared to other hardwood floors is not only that its width is seven and a half inches wide (compared to seven inches on most) but also the floor’s thickness of 9/16” inches. This is significant as it provides additional dimensional stability and enhanced structural integrity of the floor. The hardwood floor is more comfortable on your feet.

Have kids or pets? Mohawk hardwood flooring is both stain and water resistant. This makes it the perfect addition to your home even if you have kids or pets. Your floor will continue to stay in pristine condition regardless. Need a hardwood floor for your kitchen or bathroom? Mohawk floors has an option that will be perfect for your space.

Mohawk hardwood flooring comes in three different brands of wood flooring that you can choose from. Revwood is hardwood flooring that is ideal for those who want durable and easy to care for flooring. Techwood is engineered wood that resists expansion and contraction from humidity. Techwood is perfect for installing hardwood on any level of your home and for those that need hardwood that offers multiple installation options. Solid wood is best for those who want to have the option to refinish their wood and those that have rooms with controlled temperature and humidity.

The Collection

The Mohawk Seaside Tides collection flooring option is made up of engineered hardwood. The collection is made up of a range of brown tones.

On the lighter side there is Tradewinds.Tradewinds is made of Oak wood. A light and bright brown this color is sure to open up a space. Pair this flooring option with neutral home décor for a relaxing atmosphere in any space.

Silver Dollar is a beautiful blended color option. This is a unique option in this collection that is made up of dark browns, light browns, and slightly grey tones. Blended together these colors create a floor that is bold and makes a statement all on its own.

Sea Salt is a medium tone brown that is the perfect blend of a traditional and modern look to any floor. Made of Oak and engineered hardwood, this is a floor that is made to last. With this timeless style, Sea Salt is sure to last for a lifetime in any space.

Sandbar and Topsail have warm tones to them that adds an inviting atmosphere to any space. With hints of both light and darker shades of brown, both of these hardwood option have browns that blend together beautifully.

There are a variety of installation options available depending on what works best for you and your space. Installation can be done through traditional methods such as staple and nail. However, for concrete or below grade installs, you can glue or even float the floor. If a glue down option is chosen don’t forget Mohawk has several adhesives available based on moisture content. If you are floating the floor there are three different underlayment options as well. This depends upon the level of sound or noise reduction needed. The hardwood planks in this collection are eased so there are no sharp corners. These floors also come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

If you would like to see more hardwood options from Mohawk, be sure to check out their other collections.

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