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Mohawk Pro Solutions Glue

Mohawk Pro Solutions Glue
The Mohawk Pro Solution’s Flexible LVF glue down collection can be installed using the glue down method. With the gluedown method, wood planks are secured to the subfloor using a bonding agent or adhesive. There are many benefits to installing flooring in this way. Adhesives are sun resistant and can withstand temperature changes and change handle changes in moisture.

Planks come in a size of 6” x 48” and tiles come in a size of 12” x 24”. Each plank is 2 mm thick and has a 6 mil wear layer. The wear layer on each plank adds an extra layer of protection to each plank to keep it protected from everyday wear and tear. Whether you have kids or pets, these floors will be able to handle scratches and spills.

The collection comes with a fifteen year limited residential warranty, a twenty-five limited residential warranty, and a six year limited light commercial warranty.

The Collection

The Mohawk Pro Solutions collection comes in a range of fourteen stunning flooring options. Autumn Ember is a blend of light grey and light brown. Highland Breeze is stunning honey brown floor that ranges from light blonde to rich, medium browns. The floor is a perfect neutral backdrop to a kitchen or living room space. Saddleback has a rustic, weathered appearance to it. A blend of light browns and rich, chocolatey browns, this floor is bold and makes a statement in a space. Gray Mist is the perfect neutral, mid-tone grey for any interior design. Pine Crest is a mid-tone brown that has a sophisticated appearance to it. Driftwood is a light blonde color that has a soothing and relaxed appearance to it. Coffee Bean is a rich, dark brown that is blended with lighter shades of brown throughout. Peppercorn is a unique flooring option that adds a bold touch to a space. Peppercorn has a rustic, weathered appearance to it. Mica Dew is a light grey that has an almost marbled appearance to it. Smokey Grey is a blend of light browns and dark browns that blend together and it has a rustic, woodsy appearance to it. Juniper Stone is a marbled blend of whites and light greys.

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