Mohawk Loftland

Mohawk Loftland Cinderwood Tile Flooring

If you're wanting to truly jazz up your interiors and exteriors in a unique and fashionable way, Mohawk Loftland is the porcelain tile floor for you. Its original patterns and designs create a phenomenal effect in any area where they are installed; now available for residential and commercial use thanks to porcelain tile's unmatched water resistance and durability, this wood-look tile can be enjoyed virtually anywhere by all users. The hardwood looks offered by this Mohawk line come in themes as fresh and tropical as they do in more mid-century and minimalist feels.

From a beach-themed office to a more rustic French café, there is a concept for everyone found in Loftland tile flooring. Through the Beechwood option, you'll be submerged into an exquisite tan and chocolate brown color scheme impossible to resist. Many homeowners and designers alike love Beechwood in herringbone or chevron patterns in foyers and hallways to create unique visuals that tend to expand the perception of the size of narrower, tighter spaces. On the other hand, the Mohawk Loftland Cinderwood shade is ideal for all modernists striving for a clean and simple surface representing all the elengance every interior should be about. This color option pairs well with light accents, rooms with adjoining open floor plans, and large panoramic windows for drawing in optimal amounts of natural light from the outdoors. Additionally, for those who still enjoy the modern feel and would like to include brighter hues into their spaces, more golden touches can also be added through the Sandlewood selection. Think your typical sandalwood that has an infusion of different shades of browns from the light to the medium. Last but not least, modernity and rusticity never look better together as they do through Spicewood, a mid-tone brown containing stylish tinges of grey. Due to this style's high color variation between tiles, your living room, office, or kitchen will exude elegance in the tradition of freshly harvested bona fide hardwood with very minimal repetition between planks, in part due to advances in HD printing technology.

Whether you desire a herringbone, chevron, or a simple vertically oriented pattern for your floor covering, you'll be able to relate to at the very least one of these fun patterns and color schemes. The 6" x 36" dimensions of Loftland tile planks allow for ample design versatility. This Mohawk collection is a must-have for any space striving to make a statement.

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