Mohawk Secoya

Mohawk Secoya

Mohawk Secoya vinyl flooring is a cutting edge collection offering the newest in style, design and wear ability. What makes this plank unique and stands out from the rest? First it's a actually loose lay tile with no locking or click mechanism. Supported by a non skid backing all that is required is a light glue around the perimeter. Second is the ceramic enforced urethane to give it extra durability for a true heavy duty commercial product.

This collection is available in 9 colors each with their own unique coloring and style. The colors ways cover dark and lights with the Secoya Calaveras gives a rich dark almost black color tone followed by the Secoya Alder Creek that impresses upon the popular gray tones. Rounding out the darker collection is the Picton Plank which uses darker browns in a rich hickory texture.

The lighter series is exemplified by Mohawk Secoya Sierra that brings medium brown tones and provides a sister color Atwell Mill that uses browns with taupes. The lightest in the series is Benmore providing a light maple color way. Of course there are still the colors like the Redwood which really bring out the look of a classic Redwood Tree.

Size creating the visual of long planks is highlighted by the 9 inch by 59 inch plank size to give the most realistic wood look available. The commercial warranty on this series is 10 years and is sure to stand up to the most demanding traffic. This line has a matching stone series called in the Hot and Heavy series called Boulder that incorporates the same high standards and dramatic color visuals.

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