Mohawk Grown Up

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Mohawk Hot and Heavy Grown Up is now the newest addition to the Hot and Heavy collection of loose-lay LVT. The collection offers European hardwood visuals that heavily resemble the most realistic texture and distinctive graining of long-plank hardwoods. The long-planks are offered in a hefty 5mm overall thickness with a 20mil commercial wear layer to produce superior durability with a seamless transition with excellent acoustics. Available in a size of 9 x 59, allowing easy install over large areas.

The color palette in the Hot and Heavy Grown Up collection provides 10 striking visuals that offer new styles that are perfect for any type of commercial area. The colors available in the collection are ranked from dark browns and grays, to lighter browns and grays; giving you a great selection of light and darks. If youre looking for dark graphics or your flooring style Hot and Heavy Grown Up Butler, Cole, Emerson, Finn, Jackson, Lenox and Vera are the perfect choices. If you are looking for more of a lighter visual Hermes, Kingsley and Knox. are the way to go! Every color is created and placed with effortless grains and ribbons that flow so magically to produce a unique and sophisticated design.

Each plank is formatted with an over-sized loose lay arrangement that easily guarantees a fast installation without the need for any adhesives or underlayment.

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