Mohawk Bowman II

Mohawk Bowman II

Mohawk Bowman vinyl floors offer hardwood aesthetics in 14 lovely colors. This color spectrum ranges from bright shades of driftwood to the luxurious tones of dark expresso. Not to be outdone, Harvest Wheat is just one example of a neutral color vinyl plank in this lineup.

Much more than a pretty face, this roster is chock full of value beyond curb appeal. The craftsmanship also lends to durability. Bathrooms and kitchens can wreak havoc on hardwoods and other materials. Thankfully, Bowman is a waterproof-vinyl floor resistant to moisture damage from spills and other accidents. Buoyed by a 12-mil thickness, the entire lineup is comfortable underfoot and dampens noise in higher traffic spaces.

6" x 48" design specs have practical benefits. The six-inch width helps showcase the striations and tree-bark details found in hardwood with less maintenance. Similarly, the four-foot length creates an open feel in living spaces lacking depth.


Which of the fourteen colors is right for you? Choosing a new vinyl flooring color may involve several considerations. Aside from vintage or modern schemes, the room itself, sunlight and water exposure may affect your decision.

For instance, Bowman Adobe Brown boasts neutral brown shades that pair well with wood-furniture and dark fabrics. A living room or sumptuous bedroom would reap the benefits of these characteristics. Bowman Cinnabark is a brighter-colored alternative, particularly for more of a vintage feel.

Bathrooms tend to cause hesitancy among those who want rustic looks. Water damage in particular is a concern. This dilemma shows the value of a waterproof vinyl floor's longevity for designers. To this point, Bowman Driftwood Grey has weathered charm to spare and will endure inevitable splashes from bathtubs and sinks. You will enjoy striking color contrasts to shiny white tubs or even stand-in showers with bright ceramics.

Rustic schemes need look no further than Mohawk's Bowman Russet. Milk chocolate with a cream texture summarizes the appearance of this vintage vinyl plank floor. The aptly named Rustic Barnwood is similar with added effects that mimic those crafted by wind, time and rain.

Questions? We offer 1-to-1 design support! Quality Flooring4 Less is happy to suggest the best colors for your commercial of home flooring design.


A 6" x 48" has several practical benefits. Designers can achieve a more open concept in small rooms. The six-inch wide vinyl planks showcase grain patterns and instill a sense of openness. Moreover, the forty-eight-inch length instills visuals of depth in long but shallow spaces. A dining room or conference room are examples.

Durability? Easy to clean and maintain for years to come. The faux hardwood can be wiped with a soft cloth and vinyl-friendly solutions. Whatever the space, you also have peace-of-mind against scratches from shoes, pets or other foot traffic.

Warranty Information

Peace of mind with a full manufacturer's warranty from Mohawk Floors. We also advise using underlays, adhesives and moldings from the manufacturer. These precautions may also preserve and extend the coating.

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