Mohawk Beachside Villa

Mohawk Beachside Villa
The Mohawk Beachside Villa collection is made with the finest quality hickory wood in colors that are the perfect neutral backdrop to any space. The collection is made from Hickory hardwood, making these floors durable and highly resistant to humidity. Hickory is resistant to spills from food and drinks as well as from dirt, mud, and natural lighting. Another reason that many people choose Hickory flooring is due to the fact that Hickory is aesthetically appealing. The wood has a soft, warm glow to it that adds a level of elegance to a space.

When it comes to installation, these floors can be installed in a variety of ways. Floors can be put in using the glue, staple, nail, or float method. Planks come in a size of 7.5 inches and are 9/16 of an inch thick.

The collection comes with a fifty year residential warranty and a five year light commercial warranty.

The Collection

The Beachside Villa collection is made up of four neutral tone colors. Even though this is a small collection, it still covers a full range of color options from warm yellow to a light blonde. Wicker is a mid-tone brown color that would work with any home décor style from rustic to modern. Sea Scrolls is a light blonde hardwood flooring option. This light and inviting color can open up a space. Pair this floor with neutral furniture for a stunning home décor design. Ocean Pearl is a light, soothing grey. With slight hints of ashy blonde throughout and a bit of dark brown, this floor has details that make it appear a little more rustic and aged. Natural Hickory is a light, warm yellow flooring option that is the perfect neutral hardwood floor. This floor would pair well with white furniture or in a kitchen or living room space.

See something from this collection that you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. If you would like to see more hardwood options from Mohawk, be sure to check out their other collections.

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