Mohawk Batavia II

Mohawk Batavia II

Mohawk Batavia vinyl floors combine beauty and convenience for an exceptional value. Each of the 14 available colors feature wood aesthetics that match contemporary or modern schemes. This spectrum spans bright tones to more sumptuous shades for a luxurious feel. The fine craftsmanship is even more apparent with 6 in x 48 in planks that put each charming detail on full display.

Meanwhile, glue-down installation allows flooring contractors and home builders to meet deadlines for projects of all sizes. A full warranty is further peace if mind that Batavia is a lineup with few compromises.


From bright shades reminiscent of sun radiating through forest foliage to luxurious dark tones, Mohawk's Batavia vinyl plank opens up endless possibilities. The array of choices makes it possible for designers to turn to this collection for multiple clients.

Batavia Autumn Ridge sports a creamy coffee color with rustic charm to spare. The 4-foot-length provides a long canvas to showcase the grain patterns imbued by Mohawk craftsmen. Consider this color for vintage themes with wood dressers and tables. Batavia Caramel is a comparable alternative that clearly matches its namesake.

Neutral design concepts are inherently balanced. Batavia Grey Mist is a prime example of this characteristic. The smoky shaded tones create warmth without overpowering furniture and fabrics. Another alternative in this theme is Batavia Smokey Grey, which captures the essence of reddish-cedar alight in a warm fire.

Looking for more of a wood-look vinyl floor? Batavia's Saddleback resembles milk chocolate swirls for a cozy ambience. White drapes and leather fabrics are great complements to this versatile choice. Given its waterproof properties, any of the fourteen color options are suitable for bathroom or kitchen designs. As an example, Batavia Sand Dune sports bright colors with wood visuals that are well-placed in sun-soaked kitchens. A beach-themed bathroom would also welcome the driftwood-look.

Room size, design scheme and light exposure are among the factors that may affect your decisions. Quality Flooring4 Less is happy to advise on what vinyl plank color is best for you. Call or live chat us for design ideas!


6" x 48". The benefits of this design range from durability to aesthetics. In terms of being durable, you will enjoy the curb appeal of hardwood with less maintenance. This construction is less prone to moisture damage and is easy to clean. From a design standpoint, wide-plank vinyl flooring creates openness with ease. Small rooms will appear bigger while large spaces gain an infusion of character.

6 mil thickness. Feels soft underfoot with noise-dampening properties. Installing Mohawk Flooring's exclusive Batavia collection is simple. Glue-down installation is user-friendly for home builders, contractors and even DIY.


Full manufacturer's warranty. To further maintain the warranty, we suggest underlays, moldings and adhesives by the manufacturer. Doing so may also further protect your new vinyl floor's coating over time.

How to Buy Batavia Vinyl from Mohawk

Please call 510-698-5142 to get started. Fast shipping and guaranteed low prices are just the start. A helpful pro is ready to provide one-to-one support that makes your project easier.

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