Mirage Quartziti 2.0

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Mirage Quartziti tile flooring aims to please in the form of classic rock influence. With hints of quartzite mineral, this tile flooring has the ability to confuse the average person because it looks so real, but feels like home. It allows the mind to be so mystified by its gorgeousness, most people forget this is a tile flooring and not a trip to go mining for natural mineral and resources.

With each shade and tone, this collection provides a wonderful conversation for every room. Mirage Quartzitis Glacier is similar to the snowcapped mountains of The Swiss Alps. The crisp and creamy blends of milky white look much more like early winter in Aspen than a tile flooring fit for your kitchen or family room; this is the highlight of Mirage Quartziti’s collection.

Mirage Quartziti Mountains and Waterfall resemble the various landscapes of the tropical Amazon rainforest. With its warm, toasted almond color, Mirage Quartziti Mountains is a direct contrast from Mirage Quartziti’s Waterfall which has tints of dark blue like an ocean waterfall. And of courses there are more common and modern colors like River and Mantle which capture dark and rich shades of chocolate and grey stone in each tile for the more contemporary crowd.

No matter what color you choose, Mirage Quartziti Tile Flooring makes a fabulous statement. Without being aggressive, it screams elegance, quality, and unusual within every tone. With each piece available in 12 x 12, 8 x 24, and 12 x 24, it is sure to please every person that lays eyes upon it. So, if you’re looking for the rare and natural look for your kitchen or business conference room, look no further, Mirage Quartziti is it.

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