Mirage Admiration Maple

Mirage Admiration Maple
The style of Mirage Hardwood Maple leaves us with a large amount of flooring options available for you to choose from with beauty mixed in. With plenty of styles and options to choose from, theres bound to be something to fit your tastes and needs.

The Mirage Hardwood Maple Snowdrift Light Character for example captures the beauty of a winter morning with light grey blended with ivory tones, giving you something chilly yet elegant much like snow. Maple White Mist Heavy Character is a golden wood that is smooth in appearance but marred with darker tans staining the wood accompanied by charcoal knotting and wormholes, giving the wood a rather natural and antiqued look. Maple Coffee is a dark brown color, reminiscent of a morning cup of coffee. This warm and inviting flooring is tinged with dark tones and softer tones of brown, complete with hints of knotting throughout. Maple Canyon is a deep and rich red tone as it blends light and darker red tones together and stains of dark red tinging the wood in places, giving the wood a bit of design and character. Maple Nevada takes on a light reddish brown tone, producing a bit of a coppery color. The style of this hue is smooth in appearance with stains of dark reddish brown here and there with a touch of a dark grain in places giving the look of a wormhole. The overall appearance of this hue and style is a warm one, giving you a rather inviting look to your room.

The Mirage Hardwood Engineered Maple is available in a wide selection of sizes and styles to choose from. Some of these sizes include a small 2 9/16 format, which allows your creativity to flare along with the 3 5/16 format where you can lay your planks in a unique pattern fashion. 5 and the larger format of 6 is more in line with typical hardwood plank width sizes for those that want to stick to the traditional styling. As for length, hardwood is flexible for any flooring project.
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