Milliken Fortified Foundations 5.0mm

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Milliken Vinyl Flooring is a free lay plank that's larger than the commercial standard with a 9in x 60in plank. Each plank has seven layers from the protective coatings - to the visible color and design - to the stability and durability that Milliken is known for. Traditionally laying these planks is ideal. Crazy enough that once in place, this flooring can leave you with that OMG feeling!

Eero Drawing has a sandy gray tone that feels soothing and calming, like this belongs in that cozy nautical beach house, but can also have a crisp clean modern office feel with a neutral appearance. With just the right mixture of gray creating a sense of calm, composure and relief from a chaotic world. Subtle yet intoxicating visual stimulation with not quite hidden designs of architecture will have you staring for hours.

Eero Plan is just a bit on a darker side with subtle brush of cinnamon for a more natural earthy tone. This harmonious choice of colors shows upon view a comfortable home/ office filled with loyalty and companionship. Eero CAD shows more of a true brown tone. More on the woodsy side with that rugged traditional brown with a feeling of security and protection. This color screams material wealth. A classy and stylish choice for that distinguished room that still craves that design curve. In Eero Interior, the darkest tone available in the Eero group, the black tones signify an air of sophistication, like that little black dress or black tie event.

The Milliken Commercial Free Lay Fargesia takes on the look of classic bamboo with a 9in x 60in plank. Laid with the herringbone pattern Fargesia presents itself in a more durable and functional form. The bamboo look, also known as a striation pattern has vertical lines contrasting with light and dark tones. The Fargesia Cane is the classic natural bamboo look with a light yellowish tone. Another popular color of bamboo is more of a dark brown with golden highlights ,shown on the Fargesia Rattan. Two other colors complete this series, the Fargesia Fiber , which plays on the lightest variations of the gray family and the Fargesia Wicker shown with charcoal and vertical lines in a medium graphite grey to give the contrast.

Since concrete looks are trending, this Milliken collection features 4 styles, resembling a polished concrete look. With a 36in x 36in square the polished concrete gives you that traditional tile shape. The Polished Concrete Scoring is the lightest of the group, with light tones of grays swirling together. For a slightly darker medium gray there is the Polished Concrete Trowel which takes mid range colors and accents with slightly darker grays. One unique color way is the Polished Concrete Sandpaper which almost has purple or mauve slightly incorporated into the colorway. Lastly the Polished Concrete Polish darkest being a blackish gray that focuses on the midnight tones.

The Milliken Free Lay Power Grid gives a classic almost fabric look to your flooring. Available in a 36in x 36in tile, this mixture of familiar colors weaved strategically into one another has a firm sense of control. The Power Grid Cable has the calming grays leaving that feeling of cool calm and collected, where the Power Grid Station is claiming that dark side of sexiness and seduction. On the lighter side with the golden tones the Power Grid Conduit show a masculine energy of richness and warmth to the area with its eye catching color mix. The darker Power Grid Wire is more your neutral classic yet serious keen sense of duty and responsibility. Friendly and approachable yet frugal with firm structure.

The Milliken Heritage Wood had that natural wood grain feel. With a 9in x 60in plank style that can be free laid like any other hardwood floor in a traditional pattern to the more popular herringbone style that is taking over floors with a mesmerizing lay out. The classic styling of the Heritage Wood Pride gives that hardwood feel of a 150 year old home in Georgia. The Heritage Wood Courage has more of a golden tone for that rustic, almost old world twist. This warm and ageless natural mix of colors will leave your floors with a sense of extravagance. The grayness of the Heritage Wood Legacy helps illuminate other colors surrounding it with a conservative maturity. Where the Heritage Wood Honor recalls the time aged grayness of a piece of re-purposed wood you just dug out of a forgotten barn that no one has opened in quite sometime.

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