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Mediterranea Chicago Brick Look Flooring and Wall Tile brings the tradition of America's third-largest city and captures the true essence of the city so closely associated with its most popular and classically-used building material – brick. Back in the day, speakeasies and fine food joints lined the main streets during Chicago's Prohibition Era, along with the farinaceous factories of the west side. Brick was and still is synonymous with the Windy City's beaming structural heritage.

Finely crafted in Italy, the essence and energy of the city's old brick buildings are captured in this stunning porcelain tile series, which features a surprising four-color palette – appropriately named after important and infamous landmarks and areas of Chicago. Genuine reclaimed brick from the city's storied history has turned into a treasured item and is highly sought after by architects and designers everywhere in the United States. However, the availability and poor quality of the reclaimed material has made projects ridiculous in expense, or problematic in construction. With this collection, that problem doesn't exist, as you're getting the authentic appearance of brick with the durability and strength of porcelain. For the first time ever, a 4x8 inch size is offered, which further creates the illusion, feel and authenticity of the authentic brick aesthetic this collection achieves. Made with the trademarked Dynamic HD Imaging design process, the series begins with Chicago Old Chicago, a classic brick coloring, that incorporates its red bricks with whites, beiges, and browns to create an authentic visual and feel of Chicago brick that is perfectly captured. The collection color will give you an old-fashioned sensation with a sense of history that is so rare to find. Old Chicago is perfect for city lovers who want to capture the feel of what it’s like to walk downtown through the old, rural buildings, entirely within their homes.

Next is Chicago South Side, a whitewashed shade, that meshes together faded whites, greys, and browns to portray a washed-out back drop that produces a rustic and historic style that is easily loved. This stonewashed color is highly unique, with inner city characteristics that fit perfect with any décor style and color of your choice. Another, is Chicago State Street, which is a chocolate brown hue that mixes browns, greys, and white accents together to make a visual that is nothing but stunning. Its urban city qualities are highly portrayed in its colors and illuminates a personality of what the pure Chicago culture is all about. If you are someone who loves urban style and design within homes, this is the perfect choice for you! Last, is Chicago Wrigley, which is a warm, red brick look, that is lined out with white accents and meshed with spots of dark greys, that create an interpretation of what Chicago’s old-style city buildings and restaurant scenes are all about. Although the old-style of West Side Chicago is portrayed in this design, it has a high fashionable sense, that leaves everyone wanting it. Fits perfect with light, dark, and colorful décor styles.

In both floor and wall tile sizes, the traditional 4x8 inch rectangular shape is available, as well as hexagon-shaped pieces measuring a nominal 9½x11 inch. Gorgeous Decorative pieces and – in trim – a bullnose, corner wall piece and stair tread are all available in all colors to complete the design process within the Mediterranea Chicago Porcelain Tile Flooring Collection.

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