Marazzi Lounge14

Marazzi Lounge14
Marazzi Lounge14 Porcelain Tile Flooring is subtly woven wisps and strands floating atop the satiny, modern color palette that your eyes can drink in and enjoy.

Combining old-world textiles with a contemporaneous display of colors, 3D Digital Print Technology brings this new porcelain tile flooring collection to life with a fresh, three-dimensional approach. Combining monochromatic color gradations visible in each tile piece delicate movement and optical textures on walls and floors in both public and private spaces are created. The result is a relaxing environment where you can both unwind and recharge. The collection comes in four neutral shades and three exciting sizes to create infinite design possibilities. The lightest in the series Spritzer is a bright, whitewashed gray. In a warmer tone, the Louge14 Cosmopolitan offers a yellow-brown tint. There are two shades of gray adding depth to this series light to medium-toned Sidecar, and dark charcoal Martini.

Traditional size offerings are available in a 9x36-inch plank, but design capabilities are vast with less-common 12x24-inch and 18x36-inch rectified porcelain tile pieces which can be applied to both floors and walls. The possibilities become even greater still with two mosaic options a 12x24 inch strip and 2x2-inch square piece sold on 12x12 inch sheets and a 12x24-inch decorative inlay. For the complete Lounge14 flooring look, coordinating trim is available in the form of a bullnose and cove base.

Using a state-of-the-art 3D printing technique, Marazzi Lounge14 Tile Flooring Collection is a product that is finer, crisper and smoother in definition. The collection is not only versatile in design, though, as this tile can be applied to walls, as well as transition from indoor to outdoor use, in both commercial settings and residential properties.

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