Marazzi Edgewood

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Marazzi Edgewood glazed porcelain tile duplicates the visuals of actual hardwood floors in the form of a durable, more resilient surface. Available in four style options and 6" x 24" porcelain tile planks, your houseguests will have a difficult time telling Marazzi Edgewood apart from real wood floors at first glance. As nearly all wood-look tiles are rectified--that is, cut to size after firing in a kiln--extremely narrow grout lines can be achieved to further the realism found in this collection. Resistant to moisture, freeze/thaw cycling, and chemical spills, Edgewood can even be installed in some outdoor applications for a uniform floor that seamlessly flows from your living room to your outdoor patio. Utilizing 3D printing techniques, the surface texture of Edgewood realistically matches the graining patterns of traditional hardwood with impressive accuracy and precision. Porcelain tile is also an extremely hypoallergenic floor that emits no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making it an ideal choice for people who may be extra sensitive to the elements, allergens, irritants, and indoor air pollution. Edgewood tiles can be installed not only as a floor but also as a wall tile, perfect for accenting your current interior décor.

The lightest color in the Marazzi Edgewood collection is Stone, an off-white coloration that resembles birch hardwood and is ideal for illuminating available natural light from the outdoors. In contrast, the dark muted greyish browns of Graphite are a good pairing for rooms that require subtlety and seclusion, such as dens, bedrooms, and home offices. Steel is a softer, less intense grey than the Stone option, matching well with black leather furniture for an eye-catching contrast. Homeowners and designers alike with more traditional design sensibilities will love Boulder, a subtle blend of intermediate browns that accurately replicate the intricacies of the oak species.

Because this porcelain tile is highly resistant to abrasion, Marazzi Edgewood can be used in light-to-medium commercial applications as well, bringing hardwood looks to your business without the maintenance needed for real wood.
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