Marazzi Chateau Reserve

Marazzi Chateau Reserve
The Chateau Reserve is the latest introduction of Marazzi’s ever-growing collection. With a 48” plank size, the tight graining provides a nice contrast to the natural colors embedded in the design. The tiling that can be combined with flooring, walls, and outdoor recreational purposes. It has resistance against chemicals, strong water absorption, resilience against scratches, with its breaking strength firmly placed at 275 pounds. What makes this series stand out is the sizes that are available. From the traditional 6” inch to the more popular 8”. And even a 12” options as well. The multiple sizes give way for create patterns and design ideas.

The tile suits any residential or commercial floors, as well as your imagination for outdoor recreation. It is up to 75% more slip resistance than ordinary tile, has StepWise durability infused with into the tile, and the innovative design is revolutionary in the sense that it has a wide array for options in commercial and residential spaces.

The color variations in the Chateau Reserve are diverse and compared to others convey a very rich and elegant tone. Thanks to HD Inkjet printing know as True Revel. Hickory Grove is an overall light brown tone with darker markings that remind you of an outdoors camping trip and the clean natural smells of the woods. Its simplicity yet basic edge dares you to step beyond boundaries and enter a space where you can be yourself. La Petite Greige combines all greys in a keen sophisticated fashion and includes a few brown markings that make it distinctly its own style. Shadow Mountain possesses a misty enough look for you to dream. The humble dark browns mingled in with the greys evoke the awareness needed for creation of a vision, a vision of your own choosing.

Rustic Lodge resembles Hickory Grove but has darker markings in the tile. Like its name, Rustic Loge gives an impression of cabin, woods, camping—essentially, a quiet getaway tucked wherever you imagine that space to be, whether in a room in your home or among the natural outdoors. Finally, Woodland Chalet brings the Chateau Reserve series full circle with its greys and tans, with modest darker markings throughout the tile. Like its previous colors, it carries neutral tones with a natural tone that will maintain its authentic loyalty to the woodsy vibes. Because this collection has a rectified edge, grout lines are possible as thin as 1/16” inch but the recommended is 1/8” per Marazzi. Take advantage of the many free pick up locations around the Country. If there are no Marazzi distribution centers nearby, don’t let that fact dissuade you from purchasing as our freight rates are some of the best in the industry.
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