Mannington Maison

Mannington Maison

Maison Collection by Mannington Flooring

is a hardwood flooring line that provides customers with a wider and longer hardwood plank; bringing these floors to life! The Maison collection highlights the high degree of craftsmanship and attention to detail – creating a lovely and fashionable floor for any type of living area. Each plank is handcrafted to perfection with hand-scraped, hand-stained, and wire-brushed elements; ideal for the elegant texture of authentic hardwood. The flexibility of design within the Maison collection is suitable for a variety of tastes, allowing customers to choose between: maple, oak, hickory, and walnut; the four species that make up this stunning Mannington hardwood flooring collection.

Colors and Species

The Mannington Maison collection offers 10 hardwood visuals that reside within 4 different series: Maison Bastille Walnut, Maison Versailles Maple, Maison Normandy Oak, and Maison Provence Hickory; with each holding their own distinct style and uniqueness. If you are someone who loves a good rustic hardwood look with incredible grain and color depth, Maison Bastille is the series for you. The only color that resides in this series is Bastille Tawny, a wonderful chocolate brown visual that accentuates its characteristics through its smooth surface and magnificent grain techniques. The grains within this plank are so distinct and deep, allowing every color tone to seep through and flow so majestically – creating this Mannington hardwood plank to be extremely attractive and tasteful.

Maison Versailles, unlike Bastille, contains 3 hardwood flooring looks that are known for their smooth surfaces and striking colors – engaging shabby-chic designers to really eat this series up. Versailles Fountain is a popular grey hue that combines subtle beige and brown tones within to really create a majestic hardwood floor. This floor is perfect for kitchen and dining rooms that have access to natural light exposure, which really brings out the floors characteristics and pure beauty! Looks stunning with colorful décor schemes that incorporate whites as well as wood furniture pieces. Verailles Woodland is much darker, displaying a dark brown hardwood plank with detailed beige and black knotting and grain features. This dark and luscious visual is captivating and has everyone’s attention drawn right to it. If you are looking to add some elegance into a dull room, Woodland is what you need.

Maison Normandy Oak is a wire brushed hardwood that is designed from white oak. This series was created for antique lovers who really enjoy the traditional wood look. This series also holds 3 colors, which range from light to dark, giving you a few different options to choose from. The lightest color in the selection is Normandy Brulee, a beige shade that incorporates heavy white accents to produce a color that mimics the visual of a sandy beach. This stained floor is considerably light, but adds a great value to any area of your home and will brighten up even the darkest areas with a shining personality. Normandy Bistro is darker beige visual that displays its beauty through its finely implemented knotting and grain features, creating an authentic look perfect for bedrooms and guest rooms. If you are really trying to get this floor to pop, align it with dark décor schemes and light furniture pieces.

For more of a time worn hardwood visual, look to Maison Provence Hickory. This line has a very sophisticated sense of style that is portrayed through its surface textures that showcase its classiness through its subtle knotting and scrapping methods. Provence Vine is a mahogany shade that resembles a barrel that sits perfectly on a hillside of vineyard. The scrapping process of these hardwood plank is so subtle, its able to keep its graceful look and possess an urbane style. Perfect for office spaces, master bedrooms, and dens that incorporate dark décor schemes to really uphold a bold and alluring taste. Provence Wine Barrel is a gray shade that is combined with black accents that gently lay within the knotholes and cracks of this plank. This chic, and smoky color is fresh and will transform any room into a breathtaking image. This color looks great in smaller rooms such as bed rooms and guest rooms that have white and colorful décor accents – creating an intense popping flare.

Mannington Maison Specifications

The Maison hardwood collection by Mannington Flooring is available in 7” wide planks by random lengths up to 84”– giving you the potential to enhance the spatial depth of any space, particularly in large open floor plans. Each plank is coated in a special Scratch Resist finish of Aluminum Oxide, capable of withstanding a great deal of abuse compared to other standard coatings. With the proper maintenance and care, your Mannington floors will last years without premature wearing and fading.

Mannington Flooring Warranty

A 50-year warranty backs this Mannington hardwood collection - allowing you not to worry down the road if any hardcore damage takes place.

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