Mannington Adura Max Apex

Mannington Adura Max Apex

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Product Description

Mannington’s Adura Max Apex Luxury Vinyl Planks offer the beautiful aesthetics of natural hardwood in a durable vinyl format that is easy to clean and maintain. There are several things that separates Adura Max Apex from the other Mannington Adura collections and other competitors across the board.

Cutting Edge Design and Style

The main thing everyone notices first is most realistic and striking color variations and the sizing of the planks, including random plank sizes available on select colors. Next would be the details in the construction that backs up the style design component.

The WOW factor in coloring is attributed to the True Detail Styling found in each plank which contributes to realism in replicating authentic hardwood looks, fooling even the keenest of professional eyes. The texture is embossed relief so that that there is not only visual distinctions in the graining and knotting but an actual touch/feel as well.

There are several manufacturing elements that bring exceptional performance. First and foremost is a water proof core construction. The proprietary design HydroLoc construction system makes it virtually impermeable to moisture, making an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms where wood looks are desired but authentic hardwood wouldn’t be practical. Not all WPC products are created equal so insist on a core that has been designed and developed by the manufacturer. For sound suppression and underfoot comfort the attached pad is what provides both attributes. Surprisingly, the overall best type of acoustic backing is not cork but a synthetic closed cell construction material. This type of pad provides better sound insulating qualities compared to cork and is impervious to mold, moisture and even has antimicrobial properties.

The final design element is that Mannington has their exclusive ScratchResist finish. This provides superior protection against scratching and day to day wear and tear on the floor. Probably something that is most overlooked is the PSI rating of a floor. This determines how easy indentations can appear when an object is dropped, or furniture is set on the floor. The higher the PSI rating, the less likely the floor will be susceptible to indentations. Apex is one of the highest rated PSI floors on the market today. All these factors add up to a floor that is scratch resistant, dent resistant and won’t fade when exposed to sunlight. The stability is such that the temperature variations can range between minus 20 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The obvious advantages are three season rooms, cabins or anywhere else that might not be heated or cooled year round. Rest assured on a great choice in homes that experience steady foot traffic, whether it’s a result of throwing parties, pets, or kids.

Design Options For Everyone

To have function without style or vice versa is never ideal. Now that the performance is top notch, lets look at some of the style options that this series has to offer.

Adura Max Apex’s latest style option, Hudson, offers a rustic, weathered timeworn aesthetic ideal for shabby-chic designs and traditional décor. Stucco is Hudson’s lightest shade, offering a great flooring option for rooms with high vaulted ceilings and large windows to accentuate natural light flowing into the home. In contrast, Brownstone projects a solid neutral brown ideal for secluded dens, wet bars, and family rooms.

For a more modern look, Cobblestone is a neutral grey that can match with up-to-date design sensibilities as well as more traditional furnishings. This option looks great with solid black shelves, leather couches, and stainless steel chrome appliances. Another perk to Hudson is that it comes in random widths, alternating between 4”, 6”, and 8” x 48” planks.

Spalted Wych Elm offers a softer finish, replete with natural wood streaking patterns and subtle contrast. The intermediate greys and beiges of the Dew and Mushroom options are both well-rounded choices, ideal for traditional as well as contemporary design schematics. Wildflower and Soil are darker browns yet still skew toward the lighter end of the color spectrum, great for foyers, atriums, and kitchens equipped with skylights. For designers and homeowners looking for a more neutral color, the tan hues found in the Foliage option pair well with a variety of different interior décor options.

The stunning shade variation between the 6”x36” Chart House planks offers incredible visuals and rustic charm and flow. The shades found in this style option range from off-white to charcoal grey, weathered ash, and matte intermediate tan. High Tide offers the most contrast between planks, with its weatherworn aesthetics reminiscent of an old but well-maintained pier by the sea. The Shiplap option, while similar in style, emphasizes lighter off-white shades, exuding a more contemporary charm. For a more solid, dignified appearance, Anchor is a great choice as its deep greys make a great complement to broad leather sofas and antique-style furnishings. Deck, the brightest option in the Chart House style, is an excellent choice for hallways and open floor plans as it draws in natural light.

The Aspen style in the Adura Max Apex line offers a subtler, less pronounced variation between planks as the Hudson and Chart House do, but still provide a warm welcoming feeling thanks to the intermediate browns found in the Frost, Timber, and Bark LVT planks. Napa is also another more neutral style option with a more contemporary look. Dry Cork, Tannin, and Barrel are similar in the medium brown tones that Aspen provides, only this style projects more pronounced wood streaking patterns in each plank for increased depth and detail.

A sign of a good product is the warranty behind it. Backed by a lifetime residential warranty, these floors can be enjoyed for decades with minimal maintenance efforts. Commercial applications are approved with a 10 year limited warranty for a variety of settings.

Installation methods, ease ability and speed are often important shopping points. If you are a do it yourself type of person then you may be surprised to learn that this floor can be scored/cut without any special equipment but literally a utility knife. In other words, perfect for someone who really wants to install a floor themselves. Apex is a click/floating installation system requiring no glue or adhesives. A feature that most people take for granted is there is no acclimation time either before installation or ability to walk on the floor literally when you install the last plank.

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The Mannington Adura Advantage

Mannington Adura Max Apex Product Features
Mannington Adura Max Apex Product Features
Mannington Adura Max Apex Product Features

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Mannington Adura Max Apex Product Construction

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