Mannington Adura Flex

Mannington Adura Flex

The Mannington Adura Flex replaces the original line of glue down LVT. This would definitely be the �new and improved� version. What makes this so different? First is the Scratch Resistant X wear layer. This is a proprietary technology that is superior to the traditional urethane coating applied on most glue down LVT�s currently available on the market. This coating is what is going to make your floor last longer, look new and perform well year after year.

The second feature is the decorative layer that has the same color line but with greater depth of color. Lastly the backing layer provides the support and under foot comfort. Of course you can enjoy this floor being pet proof, water proof and kid friendly. All with a product that is proudly Made In The USA to support not only buying local, but the dependability and craftmanship that comes along with a product made here.

Living up to its name, Mannington�s Adura Flex collection allows for great flexibility in design and style with its smorgasbord of colors available. Thanks to advances in printing technology, Adura Flex accurately replicates hardwood and tile aesthetics to the minutest details that can fool even the sharpest of professional eyes. The wood planks have either a six inch by forty eight inch or seven by forth eight inch. The tiles come in a rectangular twelve inch by twenty four inch or eighteen by eighteen inch.

As reclaimed and restored hardwood looks are gaining traction and popularity in the interior design world, Dockside is a great option for homeowners looking for a more rustic d�cor throughout the home. The dusty finish and high color variation between planks makes this option reminiscent of handcrafted beach houses by the shore or secluded cabins high up in the mountains. One of our personal favorites under the Dockside umbrella is the Driftwood choice, a neutral grey with sharp natural grain patterns that match well with a variety of different d�cor sensibilities.

With slightly less color variation, which provides a smoother transitional look, all the Margate colors still bring out a sense of rustic style with a modern twist. The smoother, less rugged planks fit better with modern furnishings and open floor plans whether you�re building a bungalow-style beach home or refurbishing a converted upscale loft in the heart of a bustling city. For something a little louder to the eyes, and to give a coastal look or theme to the d�cor, the series Seaport provides starker color contrast between vinyl planks and exudes brighter tones perfect for accentuating available natural light in kitchens with skylights, separate offices, living rooms, and foyers with high ceilings and panoramic windows. Look to Surf or Sandpiper for a taupe tones to the dark grayish Seaport Anchor.

If a contemporary and clean look is being sought after then there are a few great choices. Some more highlights of the collection are the Tribeca and Sundance color options. This falls in the contemporary to rustic style group. The former showcases contemporary dark tones while the latter is a stunning replication of authentic hickory hardwood. One of our favorites from the Tribeca option is the Asphault style, replete with knotholes, natural grain patterns, and a dark charcoal finish perfect for contemporary design. Pair these vinyl planks with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen or use it as a solid backdrop against glass furnishings in the living room. The rich wood graining found in Sundance�s Gunstock style accurately represents hickory wood of the highest caliber, ideal for warm secluded spaces such as guest bedrooms, offices, and dens. No matter what style you decide to settle on, Adura Flex has just about something for everyone given its large array of color and d�cor options.

The warranty is as expected, a lifetime warranty coupled by a finish that is dent resistant and very easy to clean and maintain. Of course no project would be complete without the accessories, so choose between several types of moldings all in the coordinating colors. From stairs, to transitions between floors of equal height or less, there is a specific molding designed to match your floor.

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