Lifecore Adela

Lifecore Adela
The Lifecore Adela collection offers the beauty and design of hardwood flooring with flooring that is durable, safe, and environmentally friendly. If you are looking for flooring that is durable and will be able to handle day to day wear and tear while still making a statement in a room, then this is the collection for you. Oak is extremely durable and is incredibly popular when it comes to hardwood flooring. The Adela collection is full of medium to dark hardwood flooring planks that make and impression and are a focal point in any space.

Planks in this collection are seven and a half inches wide and come in random lengths ranging from two to six inches. Each plank has a low VOC and has a UV hardened finish to it. This UV finish gives planks twenty to forty percent more durability than conventional two-component finishes. This gives the hardwood an overall longer lifespan. Low VOC leads to better indoor air quality and an overall safer environment. These floors also have Zero-Add technology that ensure there is no formaldehyde in this flooring. This flooring is also allergy and asthma friendly.

When it comes to installation, the Adela collection can be installed using the glue, float, nail, or staple method. Which one will work best for you depends on your space and your flooring goals.

The Lifecore Adela collection comes with a fifty year residential warranty and a fifteen year light commercial warranty. It also comes with a lifetime structural warranty.

The Collection

The Lifecore Adela collection is made up of six stunning bold and rich oak hardwood flooring options. The colors will pair perfectly with any style of home dcor and will bring out the urban charm in a space. These floors are sleek and fashionable, with a rustic feel to them that adds character to a space.

Natures Way is made up of bold, rich, deep chocolatey browns and earthy medium browns that blend together to create a feeling of bringing the outdoors into the indoors. The brushed oak gives these floors character and adds to their overall appearance. Rich Request is a sepia and ebony smoked oak that has a sophisticated and luxurious appearance to it. This floor has a distressed and rustic appearance to it while also still appearing high end and luxurious. Clear Presence is has a warm, medium brown patina and a wire brushed texture to it. This stunning flooring option is captivating and inviting with a presence that is both seen and felt. Overtures has a range of rich, deep brown hues throughout. This sophisticated yet rustic floor is perfect for a living room or bedroom space. Perfect Palette is a made up of rich, warm browns that create an overall slightly darker tone in a space. Vivid Beginnings is a neutral flooring option with a blend of light brown and medium browns that are blended together. Wire brushed planks with knots throughout create a stunning contrast to this otherwise soothing and neutral floor. The character of the wire brushing and knots gives this floor an overall rustic and aged appearance.

If you have any questions regarding the Lifecore Adela collection or hardwood flooring in general, give us a call at 510-698-5142! For more hardwood flooring options from Lifecore, check out more collections here.

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