Lauzon Hard Maple

Lauzon Hard Maple Natural Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hard Maple by Lauzon Flooring

Lauzon hardwood flooring offers Hard Maple a species within the collection lines that create clean and beautiful looks with lasting quality. With the option of engineered or solid hardwood floors, Lauzon Hard Maple offers 10 distinct colors that each contain their own personality and characteristics; allowing each one to match everyones specific style. Designers are now able to have a flexible range to decide what best fits their needs when it comes to the redesign of their home.

This versatile line offers premium hardwood floors with complete durability at a low budget cost; allowing you to have quality floors at a cheap price keeping everyone happy with no worry when it comes to the renovation cost of their dream home!

Solid and Engineered Hardwood Specifications

Lauzon Solid hardwood flooring is resilient to stains, scratches and moisture damage with the help of its thickness. The thickness of its surface will allow you to enjoy a quitter setting with less noises from creaking and buckling that tends to happen with thinner surfaces. The installation process is another benefit being its a nail down, contractors appreciate both the time and cost; leaving both the buyer and installer a happy pair. For more information on installation look to Lauzon Hardwood Flooring Installation guide.

Lauzon solid hardwood is available in a stunning 3 " x random length plank; offering room for complete creativity when designing how you want your Lauzon flooring to look.

Lauzon Engineered hardwood flooring brings the look and beauty of hardwood to life through the classic warmth of its hard maple hues offering exceptional quality and complete durability. This Lauzon flooring plank is available in two unique sizes: 3 " and 5 3/16"; allowing unique design benefits for individuals who love to get creative in their home projects. Perfect for multiple or single room custom effects. The engineered plank also is available in a Micro-V, Herringbone, and Broad stripe.

Lauzons engineered floors also contains a thickness of 7/16, keeping it firm with a protection layer against moisture damage; the thickness also deadens noise from all types of foot traffic, keeping heavy and abrupt noises at a bare minimum.

Lauzon Hard Maple is also easy to clean and maintain improving indoor air quality so your family can breathe easier throughout the years.

Lauzon Hard Maple Colors

This Lauzon flooring collection ranges from an array of colors exploring both the light and dark ends of the spectrum. Starting off the lighter hues is Lauzon Hard Maple Natural, a very bright hardwood floor with white and beige accents to portray an airy feel where ever this floor is installed. The radiant wood tones that illuminate in this floor are remarkably striking, and allow even the darkest living space to enjoy some light. A perfect choice for rooms with large windows that face the sun during mid-day to really captivate its true beauty.

Next is Lauzon Hard Maple Azteka, a vibrant mixture of light and dark browns with a light tint of orange; creating a luscious hardwood floor that brings a modern and classy feel to your living area. Another great color that looks excellent in rooms with heavy light exposure. Hard Maple Verona displays a reddish-brown hue with luxurious features that adds character to any formal space it resides in. Perfect for any huge living area in your home that commands attention.

Lauzon Hard Maple Shadow Grey, a soft grey visual that is mixed with very faint tints of blue and minimal accents of white, to bring in a very contemporary style and feel that is perfect for stunning design effects. Steering to more of the darker hues is Lauzon Hard Maple Arabica, a bold and fascinating hardwood that combines its alluring features with a stunning chocolate color to create a mesmerizing surface. If youre someone who has an office or man cave in your home this is the perfect choice of flooring to place within that living space. Very masculine, but very appealing.

Lauzon Hardwood Warranty

Lauzon Flooring offers warranties within every hardwood collection they offer. For Lauzon Hard Maple, a lifetime structure warranty is available; offering a 30 year residential titanium finish. For a more in depth look at the warranty along with details look to Lauzon Hardwood Flooring Warranties.

Contact Information

For additional information regarding price and square footage on the Hard Maple hardwood line by Lauzon flooring feel free to call 510.698.5142 a flooring specialist with be with you immediately to talk and help you decide which Lauzon hardwood flooring choice is perfect for your home renovation project!

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