Lauzon Hamptons

Lauzon Designer Hamptons Beachwood Hardwood Flooring

Designer Hamptons Collection

by Lauzon flooring is a hardwood series that brings complete simplicity and subtle beauty to any home – with choices in: hard maple, red oak, and white oak. The soft and neutral colors the collection holds creates a sharp design style well suited for multiple décor schemes; ranging from contemporary to traditional.

With 14 colors to choose from, a solid or engineered make up is available, depending on the type of project. The room, square footage, foot traffic, and budget cost are each a factor when considering what construction will be the best option for you! We at Qualityflooring4less are here to help you in deciding what Lauzon flooring choice will fit your needs – don’t hesitate to call us; 510.698.5142

Lauzon Flooring Details

The Designer Hamptons hardwood collection offers 2 different sizes for both solid and engineered hardwood. The solid hardwood portion offers a plank size of 3 ¼”, 4 ¼” by random lengths, while the engineered hardwood portion offers a plank size of 3 ¼”, 5 3/16” by random lengths. The different sizes that are available within this Lauzon flooring collection, offers designers to become very creative when it comes to the size and appearance they want their planks to be displayed in – offering more room for unique and custom layout designs. Putting you in the driver’s seat for your own renovation!

All Lauzon hardwood floors are constructed with extreme durability, providing a long-lasting floor that is both dependable and easy to maintain. Its thickness and construction prevents wear and tear and even chip away scenarios - Keeping your floors looking just a good as they were when you first installed them. Look to Lauzon Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Guide for more information and details on how to maintain the beauty of your floors.

Lauzon Designer Hampton Colors

The colors offered in this hardwood flooring collection range from naturally light and mellow tones to intense and luxury tones such as black. The elegance and beauty available in these hardwood floors captures a wide scope of styles – bringing everyone to fall in love with this line.

Starting at the beginning of the spectrum is Lauzon Hamptons Bianco, the lightest color in the collection. Bianco offers a chic and classy appearance with a feeling of contentment within its icy, white visual. The surface of this floor is smooth with very elusive features, leaving everyone to find it utterly attractive. If you are wanting to add some sophistication within your home this is the perfect choice for you – Fits perfect with dark and colorful décor accents, leaving you to become playful in your design.

Following Bianco is Lauzon Hamptons Beachwood, a light hue that incorporates beige and white accents with minimal stains of brown. This traditional wood look flooring mirrors a sandy beach alongside the coast – being perfectly replicated through every grain and scratch of this plank; leaving you to always want its presence surrounding you. Beachwood looks stunning in wide open living spaces that have immense exposure to natural light; creating the floor to perfectly illuminate all its characteristics. A beautifully constructed hardwood everyone can’t live without.

A darker version of Beachwood is Lauzon Hamptons Natural, a tan color mixed with white and dark brown hues; creating a hardwood plank that looks as if it was just picked up out of the woods residing in the middle of nowhere. The color itself derives from the white oak species, bringing a natural outdoorsy feel and visual. Perfect for large living spaces, kitchens, and even bedrooms with white or wooden décor and furniture styles. This Lauzon hardwood flooring will not disappoint.

Lastly, is Lauzon Hamptons Onyx, a black floor that brings bold and extravagant features to any home. This luxury looking hue incorporates very light tints of grey within every grain technique that generates an alluring attribute – transforming any living area into pure class. Lauzon Onyx is powerful and fascinating, leaving you to want more of it. This Lauzon flooring plank looks magical in huge living areas with anything and everything white, producing an eye dropping image that commands attention.

Lauzon Flooring Installation and Warranties

The Lauzon Hamptons hardwood series resides in the Designer collection, which offers both a residential and commercial lifetime structural warranty. A 35-year residential and a 5-year light commercial warranty are available – offering the best of both worlds!

The Designer collection by Lauzon flooring is coated with a titanium finish which protects its floors from wearing down and losing its firm structure. If you are interested in each warranty and want more of an in depth description of how they work, look to Lauzon Hardwood Flooring Installation and Warranty Brochure for solid hardwood and Lauzon Flooring Installation and Warranty Guide for engineered hardwood.

Please feel free to call us at 510.698.5142 to order your Lauzon hardwood flooring and receive the best available price! We will arrange for convenient shipping and quote the square footage of your home renovation project!

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