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Karndean Knight Tile Rigid Core

Karndean Knight Tile Rigid Core
Karndean offers a range of exceptional flooring options that are inspired by the natural world. Karndean flooring offers design that intriguing and unique. Flooring designs are cutting edge and high quality. With lifetime warranty and durability, Karndean makes flooring that will last a lifetime. Karndean floors are pet friendly and kid proof. These floors are made to withstand the day to day wear and tear that comes with modern life. With a range of flooring collections to choose from there is sure to be a Karndean floor that will take your space to the next level.

The Karndean Knight Tile Rigid Core collection is made up of tile flooring options that are modern and effortlessly stylish. With neutral limestones and urban, cool grey options, this is a collection that exudes American classic style. The Knight Tile range is a very diverse collection. A range of wood species and natural stones are offered. The tile is also offered in a range of different sizes and formats.


When it comes to the installation process, rigid core is a type of floor that clicks and locks into place. This means that no adhesive is necessary during the installation process. Instead, rigid core planks can be placed over existing hard floors or installed directly. The installation process is quick and easy. Another benefit of this type of installation is that subfloor imperfections are easily hidden. The planks also offer the added benefit of insulation. This reduces the overall noise transfer that you will experience in your space. These floors are durable with a lifetime warranty. They are also incredibly low maintenance and hygienic. When considering your space it is important to note that stone tile sizes come in 12”x24”. The flooring is 4.5mm in thickness.

The Collection

The Knight tile rigid core collection comes in a range of thirteen different options. With a diverse set of colors to choose from there is sure to be something that will fit with your space. If you are looking for a warm toned wood flooring option then you may enjoy the color palettes of Pale Limed Oak, Mid Limed Oak, and Classic Limed Oak. Warm-toned floors pair well with tradition and timeless décor styles. If you want an inviting atmosphere in your space consider warm-toned flooring in the Knight tile rigid core collection.

A neutral flooring option is perfect for creating a clean and modern backdrop to your space. This allows your furniture and other décor elements to take center stage in your space. For a neutral palette consider the Lime Washed Oak, Aged Oak, and Portland Stone options in the Knight tile rigid core collection.

For a touch of drama and sophistication to a space you may want to consider a cool color option. Cool ones pair well with contemporary and modern home décor. The Knight tile rigid core collection is full of a range of cool tones to choice from. Check out White Painted Pine, Grey Limed Oak, Urban Spotted Gum, Grey Scandi Pine, Nickel Spotted Gum, Honed Oyster Slate, and Grey Riven Slate.

Interested in what else Karndean flooring has to offer? Check out Karndean Vinyl floor options for a variety of collections. From the Karndean Da Vinci Plank to the Karndean Looselay Longboard, there’s a collection for everyone.

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