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Kahrs Harmony

Kahrs Harmony
Kahrs Harmony Oak Hardwood Flooring Collection is a series that lives up to its name as it draws inspiration from all things harmonious and peaceful – from the coziness and security of home, or any relaxing and inviting atmosphere that is synonymous with ease and comfort. In creating the perfect Zen atmosphere – a place to go when one needs to be swept off their feet and nurtured, this collection’s beautifully subtle and rich, cultivated intentions are put in place to provide the perfect accompaniment to any and all interior design styles targeting a sense of comfort and security – all with a most affordable price tag to leave you with additional security (financial) as well.

This exciting new series, made predominantly from powerful and sturdy Oak – with one Ash hardwood flooring style in the collection – was created in a stained, three or two-strip series of floors that contain a rustic grain look and a natural oil finish; or a brushed, understated lacquer adding a charming glow and shine to certain styles within the collection. Simply put, it’s a series of light wood with the infusion of varied wood grain looks – all finalized with a brushed finish. There are 12 different looks in the collection, beginning with Harmony Ash Alabaster, a genuinely white version featuring micro bevels and a matte finish. Another stunning, lighter shade is Harmony Oak Limestone – whitewashed and brushed and a covered with a matt lacquer on the surface level. It’s a very clean grade with minor color disparity. There are two dark, rich brunette hues – Harmony Oak Lava, which has a blackened pigment, and Harmony Oak Bean, a brushed, rustic version featuring natural variations of color and knots. There are four variable medium brown shades – Harmony Oak Smoke, for example, which achieves natural color variations with an actual smoking process. Harmony Oak Crème is whitewashed over a light brown, creating a very unique color with a brushed and matt lacquered surface. Various skirting and moldings are also available to complete any residential or commercial project. The planks within the series are manufactured in one nominal, elongated size at 8x95 inches.

With a wonderful variety of soft colors on brushed Oak, and a matte finish with square edges that make for a seamless flow in visual aspects, the engineered Kahrs Harmony Hardwood Flooring Collection is one that presents a pleasing and symphonic combination of size, shape and color.

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