Kahrs Canvas

Kahrs Canvas
Kahrs Canvas hardwood floors make an excellent selection for any interior seeking the timeless beauty of hardwood. This collection offers a wide variety of wood stains allowing for a great deal of latitude in design choices with colors manufactured to stay as true as the day they were installed. Microbeveled with a matte finish, these half inch thick, attractive floor boards are easily installed using Woodloc® join technology.

A selection of ten unique colors makes this palette an entire canvas worth of color options. Dark to light and a spectrum between, designers will find room for custom looks to stun. The wood grains and natural variation of the wood used creates a textured look, rich in detail. Oak Tapa is soft and cool like a bench at the park beneath the shade of the tree on a spring day. Curio, the darkest color of all. Perfect for a smart modern look filled with high contrast décor.

Muse, the lightest is airy fairy and bathed in a gauzy white inner light. It is the early morning sun filtered by pale linen curtains, perfect for areas in need of brightening. Kahrs Canvas hardwood flooring has a hardness rating of 2.3 (Brinell value) and the most durable finish of any wood flooring available in the industry. This collection is resistant to most common forms of wear and tear experienced by floors in residential and moderate traffic commercial settings. Easily maintained by regular sweeping or light vacuuming, these floors offer lasting quality. All colors in this collection can be purchased in 5”x73 1/4” planks ensuring that you can bring home the finest quality in exactly the shade your heart desires.
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