Kahrs American Naturals

Kahrs American Naturals
Kahrs American Naturals hardwood flooring brings the rugged outdoors to a chic collection cut from classic species. The spirit of various North American regions is on full display in each of the 9 available colors. Each choice has the common benefits of intricate patterns, rich details and fine grain.

With all points of the color spectrum dotted in this lineup, you have the flexibility to achieve various flooring designs with ease. Similarly, the many species have natural attributes, such as hardness and grain, that are well suited for certain living spaces.

The hardwood floor's color and plank width will also affect the ambience of a setting. This lineup touts 5 1/8” wide planks that put the exquisite patterns of full display. Meanwhile, a 5/8” thickness helps deaden noises and is more resistant to moisture damage than thinner hardwood floors. Contractors can choose from floating or Woodloc 5s installation to meet the needs of different projects.

Looking for a neutral colored hardwood floor? Turn to American Naturals Cherry Savannah 153N15CH5OKWO. The sense of Southern gentility complete with soft breezes blowing through the branches of cherry wood trees can be seen in each plank. The warm brown tones have charming variations of light and dark that create an allure only found in solid hardwoods. With this model, you can décor, furnishings or paint schemes with confidence, as the neutral brown tones match well with all designs.

For a stately feel in formal and casual spaces alike, consider American Naturals Walnut Montreal 15115VA50kWO. You will see the effects of wind and rain that the Great White North has of hardwood surfaces in each plank. The dark brown shades have random variations of light speckles that create a tightly woven checkerboard like pattern. Master bedrooms and living rooms with wool furniture are a great choice for this model.

Please contact us to order Kahrs American Naturals hardwood flooring. We will quote the square footage of your project and coordinate shipping.

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