Johnson Hardwood Tuscan

Johnson Hardwood Tuscan

Johnson Hardwood Tuscan hardwood flooring brings Renaissance era charm through modern engineering to all of your living spaces. The 8 color choices dot each point on the spectrum with the comment benefits of rugged design and lasting beauty. This lineup is expertly designed to mimic the natural attributes of walnut, a species renowned for lovely patterns and sumptuous details. Designers can now instill Old World charm in rooms of all sizes and themes with a single collection of hardwood floors. This meets even the most discerning tastes and keeps remodeling projects on schedule.

You can choose from 3 available widths that make it easy to customize design effects in rooms of all sizes. 4 1/2”, 6”, 7 1/2” plank widths each put the rich grain patterns and intricate details on full display. In general, choose the narrow planks to achieve spatial depth, while the broader widths make large rooms seem more inviting. A 9/16” thickness is effective at reducing the creaking and buckling sounds that can plague a thinner wood floor.

An engineered hardwood floor's color will also affect the ambience of living spaces. Johnson Tuscan Florence is the most luxurious shade in this lineup, with dark chocolate brown tones with etchings that are steeped in centuries old appeal. Consider this model for dining rooms, living rooms and master bedrooms to achieve a stately feel. You can enhance this effect with dark or light colored décor.

Turn to Chianti for a similar effect in a lighter shade or Volterra for a darker alternative. Our flooring design experts are happy to suggest what models best meet your project needs.

Meanwhile, Tuscan Sienna is a neutral shade of brown that will match changes in design trends over the years. The warm accents include random variations of light and dark splashes for an authentic look typically found only in solid hardwoods.

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