Johnson Skyview

Johnson Skyview

Johnson Sky View combines luxury with durability and low maintenance features to craft a vinyl series that will be both eye catching and fitting for any environment. This selection is ideal for those who want both practicality and a beautiful visual appeal. Its sizing is longer and thicker for design and styling purposes. This guarantees your space will appear as unique as it is stunning.

This collection is waterproof and scratch resistant, so in terms of durability, these planks can stand the test of time. It will resist scrapes and is fortified against any blow that may occur. It is also made free of phthalate, making it safe for children due to its natural material. It has an authentic wooden appearance, mirroring a true hardwood floor with astute precision. It comes in many differing color variations to ensure that the tone you need is available to you. Every shade comes with its own intriguing allure, creating floor that would bring out the best in every room.

Johnson Sky View comes with a Full Manufacturers Warranty.

Johnson Sky View comes in nine vivid colors and shades. Each one can be used to achieve a distinctive vibe in your space. Design flexibility is always key to remember with this series, as each shade could work in very different ways. Also, consider the sizing of each plank when thinking about possible designs. Each plank is 60 inches in length and 9 inches in width with a thickness of 7.5mm (60" x 9" x 7.5mm). These planks are slightly bigger than the average vinyl flooring plank, thus making this selection unique in its visual appearance and opening different avenues for each potential layout. Their Water Shield SPC Rigid Core technology protects the surface of each plank, so little scratches and water stains don't appear. Every plank in this series is strictly scrape resistant and completely waterproof. Also, they are low maintenance in cleaning. They only need a little sweeping every now and then to increase the glow of the floor.


Johnson Sky View comes with multiple shades of authentic wood like appeal. Each of these earthy, stoic tones has its own attitude. Looking for a lighter experience in your space? Celestial, Lightening, and Nimbus will help to purify and bring serenity to each room in your home or business. Celestial, being the lightest shade will appear kindly and clean to anyone who may enter. This shade will leave you focused and with great clarity.Nimbus is a bit darker, but it still has a lovely appearance with a mixture of sleekness and synchronization.

Delve deep into the dark colorings of Aurora, Meteor, and Nebula. Peer through the telescope to explore the very slight purples of Nebula. This striking color is a sign of uniqueness and tenacity. Meteor, with its blacker shading acts a note of completion for those seeking a darker atmosphere in their home or business. Aurora has a more brownish flow to its tone. Its smooth texture visuals really emphasize a room that may be needing a darker shade.

Morning Fog, Storm, and Cumulous border on the dark and the light, giving off a rainy, dreamy atmosphere. Contemplative and introspective, these shades are great for a cloudy, overcast day feeling. Morning Fog, with its hopeful attitude, will light the way for you. Its vibe will stir feelings of contentment. Storm is a more intriguing, powerful shade. Its winds and thunder portray an atmosphere that is exciting and sensory pleasing. Cumulous keeps the best of both these options. It is strong and impressionable, like an elephant bathing in a rushing river.

Any shade or color you choose from is a great selection for both a luxurious look and a convenient, low maintenance floor.

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