Johnson Public House

Johnson Public House
The Johnson Public House is smooth, balanced, and striking. It is made to carry both the design resemblance and sturdiness of a rustic, vintage tavern. It conveys a welcoming, friendly appearance while retaining its trendy appeal. This selection was created to reflect a gentle tone, in turn increasing the comfort of any environment. Crafted to be significantly thicker than most vinyl options, this series attains ultimate durability. It also comes with pet proof and water-resistant technology that will keep your floor looking fresh and new, because accidents happen. You won’t need to worry about harmful chemicals or minerals, as each plank is made free of Phthalate, instead using safe, organic material. Coming in multiple shades that will tie together any design, it is an excellent choice to add a personal touch to any space. The Johnson Public House collection comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

The Collection

Johnson Public House has eight varying shades, all distinctly colored to maximize design options and capability. These options each come with their own aura; each exudes a different aesthetic in a certain room. The sizing of these planks is longer than the average, with dimensions of 60 inches in length and 7 inches in width. (60” x 7” x 30 mil). Its thickness is what makes this series stand out from the rest. With a thickness of 30 mil, these planks were made to withstand hardy blows and heavy foot traffic. They will also maintain their new appearance due to the firmness of each plank. In addition, the floor is completely waterproof and pet proof, which will prevent any small, pesky scratches from appearing. These remarkable qualities make for a floor that is as convenient as it is visually astounding. Another convenience that comes with this selection is the floating installation process. With floating installation, you won’t need to glue down planks. Each plank will simply lock into place, making it quick and easy for any installation professionals.

Johnson Public House comes in eight individual shades, all conveying something different, but maintaining their aged, personable, hospitable allure.

If you’re looking for a conventional, down to earth exterior floor, try eyeing the Old-Fashioned shade. This tone is perfect for a standard, gorgeous, and courteous look. Peer at its darkened features and feel the warmth of a fireplace in a hidden lodge. This deep brown is found in the depths of the forest and is adept at mimicking a log cabin charm.

For a cleaner, similarly intense brown, try looking at Manhattan. This color and texture are perfect for a pleasant professional experience. Its soft, yet firm character speaks of understanding and dignity to anyone who may see it. Appearing as silky chocolate, this shade will blend with your design to enhance the atmosphere in the room.

In contrast to these two darker color variants there is Southside, a great choice for those who want to lighten the mood in a home or business. With its heavenly, cloudy attraction this color is ideal for a room wanting a friendly, good natured ambiance. Lose yourself in the light of its aura and find harmony.

Maybe you’re looking for the best of both the light and the dark tones. If you are, look no further than Highball. Its musky mix of both the lighter shade of brown with the darker shade concoct a coloring that says two things simultaneously: grit and nobility. You truly can’t go wrong with this color as you will convey understanding and stability all at once. This feel also goes for Gin Ricky as well, the only difference is its grainy texture.

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