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Iris US Travertini Al Contro porcelain wood tile flooring brings Renaissance charm backed by modern technology to all dιcor schemes. The 3 colors of fusion tile are available in 4 different sizes to give designers maximum flexibility. You can choose from 12” x 24”, 6” x 24”. 8” x 48” and 24” x 48” sizes to match various project needs. Our product experts are happy to suggest what models and sizes are best suited for your project.

Despite the many choices of porcelain wood tiles, you can expect common benefits from all models in this series. A fusion tile's surface is less prone to the stains and scratches that can plague hardwood floors. Much like porcelain tile, the design is resistant to moisture damage and is well suited for bathroom or kitchen floors that are subject to water exposure on a continual basis.

Contractors can offer their clients a lasting fit under all foot traffic conditions with hassle free installation. Of course, a full manufacturer's warranty is further peace of mind that these porcelain wood tile floors will stand the test of time for many years to come.

Travertini Al Contro Argento Al Contro is the most neutral shade in the fusion tile lineup, with medium brown tones that include rich details and intricate patterns that seem honed by time. Consider this model for bathrooms or kitchens with granite counters and upgraded fixtures for a top to bottom design effect. Rooms with large windows and natural light exposure help reveal the veining with fine grain that mimics natural details with realistic quality. Bianco Al Contro is light colored alternative that achieves similar design effect in radiant tones that resemble the sun's bright tones.

For a darker shade of porcelain wood floor, turn to Travertini Al Contro Grigio Al Contro for rich brown tones with random patterns that resemble the effects of sun, rain and wind on hardwood surfaces. This is a great option for living rooms with dark wood furniture or kitchens with stainless steel appliances and granite counters.

Please call us to order Iris US Travertini Al Contro porcelain wood tile flooring. Our team will quote square footage and answer your product questions.

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