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Iris US Ecocrete porcelain tile flooring blends the aesthetics of concrete, natural stone, textiles, and hardwood for a remarkably unique surface that not only provides incredible visuals but also unmatched durability thanks to advancements in modern engineering. Resistant to chemicals, scratches, stains, moisture, and freeze/thaw cycling, Ecocrete can be utilized in both indoor and some outdoor applications, allowing designers to tackle the sometimes difficult task of having seamless floor transitions throughout the entirety of a living space. Unlike raw flooring materials like stone, concrete, and wood, this Iris US collection requires little to no maintenance once it is installed and can be cleaned very easily without any particular special cleaners. Offered in either a honed or linear surface texture, Ecocrete tiles come in four colors as well as four sizes for maximum design flexibility.

Iris US Ecocrete allows you to choose from elongated 6" x 36", rectangular 18" x 36", standard 12" x 24", and monolithic 24" x 24" porcelain tiles. A narrower width creates spatial depth while broader sizes make rooms seem more inviting. Our flooring design experts can suggest what size and color pairings best match your project.

Ecocrete's Sage option is the most neutral color in this Iris US series, with greenish olive tones that match nearly any décor scheme. This shade is a great choice for kitchens with stainless steel appliances and wood cabinets that pairs well with floor-to-ceiling designs. Consider Ecocrete Sage for bathroom floors as well, where the lovely tone matches granite countertops and brass fixtures.

Meanwhile, Weathered Black adds luxury to any living space, providing rich details and a weather-worn appearance steeped in time. Your living room, den, kitchen, or bathrooms are each great landing spots for this incredibly stunning fusion tile option. Go with white drapes and beige fabrics to create a stark contrast, or darker colors for a subtler design complement. For a lighter ambience, consider going with Ecocrete's Melted Ice shade option, a stark off-white with detailed marbeling ideal for spaces with large panoramic windows and high ceilings to draw in optimum levels of natural light. Aqua is similar in style, only with a more muted tone for increased subtlety.

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