Inhaus Solido

Inhaus Solido

If you are revamping your floors, but arenít looking to break the bank, check out the Solido Visions collection. This stunning laminate series is the best bang for your buck, as it doesnít sacrifice its beauty for a low price. There is a versatile color palette, full of trending shades and styles to fit any personal taste. The Solido series also comes equipped with moisture protection, so it can be installed in any area of your home, even damper areas like the bathroom or kitchen. This water protection makes for a worry free upkeep, as you can keep these floors sparkling by simply wet and steam mopping. Although this collection belongs to the laminate family, it still magnifies authentic looking wood grain and texture, and has a 4-sided bevel. You are also reducing your carbon footprint when purchasing a color from the Solido series, as itís GreenGuard Gold Certified. (Meaning these products have virtually no off-gassing of VOCs or formaldehyde, making for a healthier earth and home environment.) This collection was designed to work in any home, and every home.

Colors and Styles

There are 14 beautiful colors available from this low cost, but high value laminate series. This collection has a pretty even divide when it comes to warm and cool colors, but each one is just as beautiful as the next! On the warmer side, is the Brazilian Walnut. This flooring combines chocolate browns and rich auburn tones as the base color, with darker details throughout. Another incredible color is the African Rosewood, which magnifies stunning amber shades making for a welcoming atmosphere in any home. For something that accentuates greys more, check out the Sydney option. These planks are understated and delicate, due to the neutral beiges and silvers in the design. Another great shade from the Solido series is the Belmore. From the honey base tone, to the chestnut colored etchings, this option is an absolute show-stopper.

If you prefer flooring lighter and more cool toned, there are plenty of options available. Including the stunning Darwin choice. These planks are creamy, and heavenly to look at. Another muted option are the Adelaide colored floors, which bring sandy beiges to the surface. For a darker, yet cooler toned option, check out the Nelson shade. It takes chocolate browns and pairs them with a lighter hazel tone, creating a stunning design.


The Solido collection also makes for a simple installation process. Using patented angle/drop technology, you can install multiple rows at the same time. The interlock clp makes for a sturdy and seamless connection between the planks.


To ensure that you can enjoy your Solido floors for years to come, they come with a 20 years residential warranty.

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